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Montreal rocker Jon Matte feels this classic 1927 novel isn't for everyone. He loved it anyway

The singer-songwriter of the indie folk collective The Franklin Electric loved reading Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse.
Jon Matte is a member of Montreal band The Franklin Electric. (Submitted by Jon Matte, Picador Modern Classics)

The Franklin Electric are a Canadian indie folk collective based in Montreal. The group in 2019 released their In Your Head EP and in 2018 received a Juno Award nomination for breakthrough group of the year.

Jon Matte is the band's founder and singer-songwriter. He's currently reading a classic 1927 novel and dropped by The Next Chapter to talk about it.

"Right now I'm reading Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. The book starts off with a middle-aged man who's a bit sad and depressed. He's living his life as an intellectual and feels like an outcast from society. He contemplates suicide but meets a girl who teaches him to dance and laugh. He starts to actually have fun and let loose.

The book shows that there is more to life than being in your own universe in your head.- Jon Matte

"The book shows that there is more to life than being in your own universe in your head. It's not for everybody and I don't think everybody should read this book.

"But if you're a person that likes to philosophize and intellectualize things — this book might be interesting."

Jon Matte's comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Watch the video for the song Made It Up In Your Head by The Franklin Electric


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