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Harrison on learning more about the history of jazz

The Toronto music producer and beat-maker on Ted Gioia's influential book.
Toronto musician Harrison is reading Ted Gioia's well-known study of jazz.

Harrison is a Toronto producer and beat-maker. He stopped by The Next Chapter studio to talk about the book he's reading right now: The History of Jazz by Ted Gioia.

I do know a bit of jazz history already, but I like refining my music knowledge. The book is not biographical — it's trying to focus on how it all morphed into one thing. Even today, we can watch music evolve. There's a lot of types of rap music, but right now, one that is very popular is trap music, which came from Atlanta. Some big people did it, and then everyone started doing it, and now it's the most popular sort of rap. And people are finding that okay, this is where it's going. And I think that's how jazz came to be.

This year, because I quit smoking cigarettes, I told myself I'd take lessons at the Royal Conservatory, and so hopefully I'll start taking lessons this year. I want to learn more about music, so that's why I'm reading this book.

Harrison's comments have been edited and condensed.