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Connie Kaldor on a book that's too good to read quickly

Singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor on why you should read Guy Vanderhaeghe's latest collection of short stories.
Musician Connie Kaldor says she has loved everything she's read by Saskatchewan–born Guy Vanderhaeghe, including this Governor General's Literary Award–winning collection of short stories.

Juno award–winning singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor has toured the world, recorded 14 albums and written three children's books. She told The Next Chapter she's been savouring Daddy Lenin and other Stories, a collection of short stories by Guy Vanderhaeghe that won the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction in 2015.

Connie Kaldor shares some of her current reads on The Next Chapter.

I rushed out and bought this immediately when it hit the shelves because Guy Vanderhaeghe is one of my favourite authors. I have loved everything that he's written. I discovered him in Saskatoon years ago, and normally I'm the kind of person who just throws themselves in — you can't even talk to me till I've finished the book. But this book is just so delicious that I'm savouring it. I don't want to read them all at once. They're powerful, they're dark, they're interesting. He's a writer who drags me into whatever he wants to say. He's a master writer, and I think anyone could enjoy anything he's written. He's amazing.

Connie Kaldor's comments have been edited and condensed.