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Adam Fuhr on a true story that's better than fiction

Adam Fuhr, from the band Yes We Mystic, on the fourth volume in Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Caro's biography of Lyndon Johnson.
The Passage of Power is the fourth book in Robert A. Caro’s series The Years of Lyndon Johnson, covering the years 1958–64. (Photo:

Adam Fuhr is part of Winnipeg-based band Yes We Mystic. He told The Next Chapter about the "fascinating" book he recently finished reading.

The Passage of Power is the fourth in Robert Caro's series of biographies on President Lyndon Johnson. It's the second-last in the series — I'm anxiously awaiting the final volume being published. These 3,000-odd pages on the dead leader of a country I don't live in are my favourite books in the world. When I tell people this, I usually get a blank stare, especially when I tell them that those 3,000-odd pages haven't yet dealt with the bulk of his presidency.

Honestly, I'd never read a biography before I picked up Caro's first, The Power Broker, but his books linger in a fascinating detail which is essential to the way that he shapes these almost unbelievable people into vivid characters. He has an effortless style, and paired with the richness of content that he has to mine and his knack for finding the right momentum within a story, the stories he tells are more fascinating than any fiction I've come across.

Adam Fuhr's comments have been edited and condensed.