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Hannah Alper on why you're never too young to change the world

The youth activist explains that small steps can also be radical in her memoir Momentus.
Hannah Alper (front centre) discusses the people who have inspired her to be a youth activist in her memoir Momentus. (Stephanie Lake/CP/Nelson)

Hannah Alper is a 14-year-old activist and an ambassador for the children's charity WE. She's written a book about her role models and how she became an activist. It's called Momentus: Small Acts, Big Change.

Alper's activisim has allowed her to meet dignitaries, such as Al Gore, and deliver TEDx Talks on motivational subjects.

Starting small

"The book grew out of my belief that anyone can make a difference. It doesn't matter how old you are, how much money you have or where you live — you can make the world a better place. The second thing I believe is that the small things add up to great big change." 

From inspiration to aspiration

"The book reinforces everything I believe in through my role models. I chose those role models because I learn something from these people every single day. I feature YouTube celebrity Lilly Singh because she is using her well-known platform to talk about girls' empowerment and Malala Yousafzai who is one of the most powerful education advocates in the world. And I really hope that when people read my book and see these role models, maybe they will be inspired by them. Maybe they'll see their issue or gift reflected in those people, just like I have."

Hannah Alper's comments have been edited and condensed.