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James Grainger, Lauren B. Davis, Mystery Book Panel

Lounging with a book is one of summer's great pleasures and we have a beach bag full of goodies this week. James Grainger's debut novel is a suspenseful page-turner set in the deep dark woods. Our Mystery Book Panel recommends a dozen more summer thrillers. Plus Lauren B. Davis on her new novel set in 7th century England.
From the cover of "Harmless" by James Grainger

In this episode:

* James Grainger on Harmless
* Pharis Romero on Skin by Roald Dahl
* Lauren B. Davis on Against A Darkening Sky
* Our Mystery Book Panel returns with their summer reading list

"Against A Darkening Sky" by Lauren B. Davis, "Harmless" by James Grainger, "Skin" by Roald Dahl

Mystery Book Panel's Summer Reading List 2015

Love a good mystery novel? Look no further! The Next Chapter's Mystery Book Panel is your go-to source for top notch thrillers and whodunnits. (Nana B. Agyei/

If you ask us, a warm sunny day is the perfect time to dig into a creepy mystery novel.  Why?  Life is really all about balance - both light and darkness - and according to Margaret Cannon, a member of our Mystery Book Panel, our systems just can't stand too much peace.

"When you're sitting there waiting for the loons to swim across the lake, what you want to be reading is a gritty noir with lots and lots of blood and death and gore."

Margaret Cannon, J.D. Singh, and P.K. Rangachari, the members of our trusty Mystery Book Panel, have returned with another stack of mystery novels you won't be able to put down.  Happy reading!

Featured VideoNothing adds intrigue to a languid summer day like a juicy mystery novel. The Next Chapter's Mystery Book Panel is back with a stellar list of thrillers and whodunnits to entertain you through the summer.