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In Memoriam: An interview with the legendary Ron Hynes

Beloved singer-songwriter Ron Hynes died after a battle with cancer on Thursday, November 19.
Ron Hynes, seen here in the CBC studio in St. John's, was battling cancer that had spread to his hip and lungs. (CBC)

Canadian music legend Ron Hynes died of cancer on Thursday, November 19. Thousands packed the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in downtown St. John's to say goodbye at his funeral service.

Hynes, known for years as 'man of a thousand songs,' documented hope and heartbreak in his native Newfoundland for decades. His songs were lauded across the country and inspired over 100 covers from artists around the world. When his album Stealing Genius was released in 2010, he joined Shelagh Rogers on The Next Chapter for a memorable interview.