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Shyam Selvadurai's odd video-store job

Shyam Selvadurai shares his most unfortunate workplace moment while struggling to be a writer.
Shyam Selvadurai's The Hungry Ghosts is inspired by his own life, but before writing he had a pretty odd job. (

Shyam Selvadurai is the author of The Hungry Ghosts, but while starting out as a writer, he had a pretty odd job.

During the years I was struggling to be a writer, I lived in Montreal for awhile and I had a job in a video store there. The video store had a very significant porn section. I think one day I just had enough with the job, so I took the video for Driving Miss Daisy and put it in the box for Riding Miss Daisy, and put the other video in the other box. I have no idea who rented it, I think I was close to quitting at that point.

Shyam Selvadurai's comments have been edited and condensed.