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Why Mark Kingwell appreciates the novel Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis

Why the Toronto-based author loves re-reading the classic English book.
Mark Kingwell thinks Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis is a classic novel. (The Varsity/Penguin)

Toronto-based author Mark Kingwell is a philosophy professor at the University of Toronto. He's also a bestselling author. His latest book, Fail Better: Why Baseball Matters, is a philosophical memoir that explores failure and life through the game of baseball. 

Kingwell tells The Next Chapter why he's a big fan of a classic novel by the late English novelist Kingsley Amis.

"A book I always go back to is called Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. It's a satire of academic life that I first read when I was an undergraduate. I don't think there's a better depiction of the routine indignities of being a junior academic than that book."