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Why music star Wesli could relate to the book Haiti's New Dictatorship by Justin Podur

The Juno award-winning Haitian-born musician shares the nonfiction book he loved reading.
Wesli is the stage name of Wesley Louissaint, a Haitian Canadian musician. (Brad Ardley, Between the Lines)

Wesley Louissaint, known professionally as Wesli, is a Haitian-born musician based in Montreal. His latest album, Rapadou Kreyol, blends Afrobeat with Haitian festival music and won a 2019 Juno in the world music album category. 

Wesli is an avid reader and  recently read the book Haiti's New Dictatorship by Justin Podur.

"The book I'm reading now is Haiti's New Dictatorship by Justin Podur. I go to Haiti every three months because my family still lives there. I don't have any close family in Montreal, where I live now. But the artistic and Haitian community in Montreal — they are my family and they support me like I was their son.

"This book has something different in it. The author takes the time to discuss Haiti, including the 2004 coup, the 2010 earthquake that was the worst natural disaster in recent years and the U.N. occupation in the country. It's all very factual. He takes a neutral stance and presents the facts, as if you were reading a Wikipedia page. It was so understandable and that's why I love this book."

Watch Wesli perform the song Mon Konpe

Wesli's comments have been edited for length and clarity. 


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