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Musician Brighid Fry of Moscow Apartment sees herself in novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

The Toronto musician talks about the book she is reading.
Musicians Brighid Fry (left) and Pascale Padilla are the founders of Canadian indie rock band Moscow Apartment. (Vintage, Deborah Samuel)

Brighid Fry is a Toronto singer-songwriter who, along with Pascale Padilla, is a founding member of the indie folk rock band Moscow Apartment. The band's debut self-titled EP was released in 2017 and their latest project is an EP titled Better Daughter.  

Fry stopped by The Next Chapter to talk about the book she's reading. 

"Right now, I'm rereading one of my favourite books, which is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It follows a wandering troupe of actors and musicians in Canada and the United States after the world broke down from a pandemic. 

"It follows a bunch of different characters that all end up being interconnected. It's very poetic in how it's written — you get this whole story slowly revealed to you by the end, which I think it's really cool.

"The main character is an actor, and a large part of the story is about the importance of art and music in our lives. It starts out with her being a child actor at a Toronto theatre — and me and my bandmate actually became friends there.

It's very poetic in how it's written — you get this whole story slowly revealed to you by the end, which I think it's really cool.

"It was a cool connection to see a main character who had a similar childhood to me and get to read all the descriptions of my city. You find something new every time you read it and it grabs you."

Brighid Fry's comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Listen to the song New Girl by Moscow Apartment

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