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Why Hannah Georgas got inspired reading self-help book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The singer-songwriter and recording artist on the book she loved reading.
Hannah Georgas is a singer-songwriter originally from British Columbia. (Vanessa Heins, Riverhead)

This interview originally aired on Sept. 7, 2019.

Hannah Georgas is a singer-songwriter who has lived in Vancouver and Toronto. She's best known for her 2016 album For Evelyn and recently released an EP of cover songs called Imprints

When Georgas isn't recording or performing, she can be sometimes found reading a book. Something that she recently read and enjoyed is the self-help book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

"The book that I'm reading right now is called Big Magic and it's by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's about finding a healthy relationship with your creativity. I finished it because it was really digestible and easy to read. It's coming from Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book Eat, Pray, Love and it's talking about her journey and her relationship with creativity.

"She paints this picture of inspiration which is flickering around in the universe. It's constantly flowing and whether or not we're open to it — to let it come into our lives — is our choice. But it's always trying to find us. I really liked that sentiment. For people who are not avid readers this is a great book to dig into. It's really fun to read and it's really inspiring."

Hannah Georgas have been edited for length and clarity. 

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