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Sylo Nozra avoids any 'haters' that may come his way by reading Robert Greene's Mastery

The Ontario-raised Korean Canadian singer-songwriter and producer talks about the 2012 self-help book he's currently reading.
Sylo Nozra is a Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter and producer. (Penguin Books, Sylo Nozra)

This segment originally aired on Nov. 7, 2020.

Sylo Nozra is a Korean Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who was raised in Thornhill, Ont. His music incorporates elements of pop, rock, R&B and electronic sounds, as heard through well-received songs such as Pink TowelCitrus, Losing Myself and Spirits

The book he's currently reading is Mastery by Robert Greene, a self-help book that explores the lives of historical figures and examines what led to their success.

Nozra spoke with The Next Chapter about what he loves about the book.

"Mastery is talking about the process of any creative endeavour on the road to mastery. 

"For some people, we see that as the state of being a genius — Leonardo da Vinci or Einstein for example — people who in the past have shown great, tremendous aptitude and ability to be able to do certain things. 

Everyone has people that don't believe in them — or the world basically just tells them that it's not possible.

"The book demystifies that, through the stories that it tells of people from the past. It looks at the hardships that they went through, the resentment that they've experienced and the people who tried to sabotage or deny them from reaching their true potential. 

"That kind of stuff resonates with me. It motivates me because, you know, everyone has haters. Everyone has people that don't believe in them — or the world basically tells them that it's not possible. 

"That motivational aspect of the book really resonates with me the most."

Sylo Nozra's comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Watch the video for song Spirits by Sylo Nozra

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