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Kristen Cudmore on her bedside book

Kristen Cudmore of the band Language Arts is reading Andrea Warner's We Oughta Know.
Musician Kristen Cudmore says she can really connect with her current read, critic Andrea Warner's We Oughta Know: How Four Women Ruled the '90s and Changed Canadian Music.

Kristen Cudmore of the art pop group Language Arts is reading acclaimed Vancouver rock critic Andrea Warner's We Oughta Know, which takes the reader through the careers of four top-selling Canadian artists: Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain and Céline Dion. Kristen explains why she connected with this bedside book.


She talks a lot about McLachlan, Morissette, Twain and Dion's careers, their lives, how the music industry affected them as artists and as women. Andrea Warner has a memoir-esque take to the story — she analyzes her own life and how they influenced her as a teenager, and she also looks at the types of criticism they faced, mostly because they were women. Her thoughts echoed with me, and I could relate to them from my own experiences. I felt almost like I was her friend when I was reading, because of the way she writes the book.

Kristen Cudmore's comments have been edited and condensed.