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Why the hosts of the CBC show This Is That wrote a travel guide to Canada

Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring talk to Shelagh Rogers about their new book, This is That: Travel Guide to Canada. This interview originally aired on February 20, 2017.
Peter Oldring (left) and Pat Kelly, the hosts of CBC Radio's This is That, have written a travel guide to Canada. (CBC)

This is That is the CBC Radio program that, according to its website, "doesn't just talk about the issues, it fabricates them." The satirical radio show has covered everything from the Manitoba toboggan registry to the new condo building that forgot to include bathrooms. Hosts Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly are bringing their trademark humour observational skills to a surprising new format: the travel guide. Peter and Pat talk to Shelagh Rogers about what it took to write the This is That: Travel Guide to Canada. This interview originally aired on February 20, 2017.

Canada: Avoid it in the winter, if you can

Not to reveal too much about the book, but we did recommend not coming in winter time. Winter is not a time to visit Canada. Canadians don't even visit each other during that time — there's a short window of time we recommend that people come for a visit.

Canada is just a really big small town

We like to think of Canada as this big small town, so with the book we treated it that way. In the morning, you can go and have coffee in Halifax, see a play in Vancouver and finish it off with some drinks in Regina. We have a bit of fun with some of these common things that bring us all together in the book, like having a beer. 

A 20-year journey

For the past 20 years, we've made a point of visiting every single nook and cranny in Canada, so that we could speak in the book from a place of great knowledge. It really is from our hard, long days going door to door, knocking on doors, and asking, "What do you think needs to be in the book?" 

Peter Oldring's and Pat Kelly's comments have been edited and condensed.