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Why Mary Walsh thinks Canadians should read John Ralston Saul's A Fair Country

Comedian and author Mary Walsh on why the book gives her hope and why every Canadian should read this book about Canadian history.
Mary Walsh of This Hour Has 22 Minutes talks about why she thinks John Ralston Saul's A Fair Country is a must-read for every Canadian.

Mary Walsh is a comedian and author from Newfoundland. Her first book, the novel Crying for the Moon, was released in early 2017. She is also known for her work on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Walsh believes every Canadian should read John Ralston Saul's A Fair Country.

I think that the book that everybody should read is John Ralston Saul's A Fair Country. He calls us a Métis nation. He says before Confederation, people came over from England and from France, and they married into the families that were here, and they became successful in this country because they got in with the crowd who knew how to live here. He says that we keep looking to Greece and to Rome for wisdom, but we should look at the people who've been here for 20,000 years. We should look to people whose names we hardly even know, and look to their wisdom and the wisdom of this continent. It just gives me such hope and such strength, and everybody should read it.

Mary Walsh's comments have been edited and condensed.