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Shakura S'Aida reviews A Measure of Light

What happens with a science fiction-obsessed reader reviews on a historical novel? Columnist Shakura S'Aida steps out of her comfort zone with A Measure of Light.
Science fiction fan Shakura S'Aida loved the historical novel A Measure of Light. (Twitter)

Should you read A Measure of Light by Beth Powning? Shakura S'Aida says yes. 

"The language is beautiful. The experience is beautiful. It didn't read as though I was reading a story. I was reading somebody's life and what was even better. I also saw it as a film. I could see it playing out, I could see the characters, not because she described them or what they were wearing or anything like that, but her characterization of their voices was so strong that I could just see them. I could see what they looked like. I could see their hands and their faces and the wrinkles on their faces."

Shakura S'Aida's comments have been edited and condensed.