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Designing covers for memoirs that don't exist

Steve St. Pierre is a graphic designer who creates covers for the (unwritten) stories of people's lives.
Two of the covers Steve St. Pierre has created for unwritten memoirs. (

Steve St. Pierre started his blog Jacket Everyday because he loves to design memoirs. The catch is, the titles people send him are for unwritten autobiographies and memoirs. He asks that people figure out the best title for the story of their life, and then he takes it from there.

Designer Steve St. Pierre (Instagram)

I had been a freelance designer for about two years. While I was doing that, I had a few clients who required book jackets and I just really enjoyed distilling books down to their barest forms. That was the starting point for it — to just ask people what the title of their life story was up to this point, and then just hunker down and design covers every day.

Each cover takes about half an hour to an hour to complete, but I want to say that there's a lot of care that goes into it — people are giving me the titles of their life stories. It gives them a chance to either be clever and inject some of their cleverness into the title, or to be somber. It's definitely been interesting to read the stories, and it's great that people are participating.

Hot Turkey and Tears by Heather MacDonald. (
Nightmares Are Dreams, Too by Josh Roy. (
I'm an Imposter by Vanessa King. (
Nothing Makes Sense And I've Stopped Even Trying to Pineapple by Jack Smyth. (
I Want to Start a Cult by Joel Soucy (

Steve St. Pierre's comments have been edited and condensed.