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Bahamas on reading with his nephew

Afie Jurvanen (a.k.a. the singer-songwriter Bahamas) will read anything with his three-year-old nephew. Yes, anything.
Toronto artist Afie Jurvanen, also known as Bahamas, is one of Canada's most celebrated musicans. (Reynard Li)

Afie Jurvanen (a.k.a. the singer-songwriter Bahamas) will read anything with his three-year-old nephew. Yes, anything. 

"I have a young nephew. He's almost three and he's getting really interested in reading. That's really exciting because it's something that we can do together. A little while ago, we were hanging out and there were no books around. The only thing we had to read was an A&W pamphlet advertising the french fries and the burgers. So we read that. We were pointing at the different burgers. He would say, 'Papa Burger' and I'd say, 'Yeah!' Then he'd say, 'Mama Burger!' and I'd say, 'Yeah!' He calls me Uncle. And when we got to Uncle Burger he said 'Uncle Burger.' Then he paused and looked up at me and said 'Uncle.' I said, 'Yeah, I'm Uncle.' Then he pointed at me and started laughing and said 'Uncle Burger!' I felt so much love in my heart for this little guy because I felt I had witnessed his first joke ever — and it was at my expense. It was so beautiful. There's reading to be done everywhere."

Bahamas' comments have been condensed and edited.