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Darrell Dennis, Children's Book Panel

"I wouldn't say that we were lied about in textbooks, but we're really omitted a lot in the textbooks." --Darrell Dennis In this episode: smashing stereotypes and the best in children's books...
From the cover of "Peace Pipe Dreams" by Darrell Dennis

In this episode:

* Darrell Dennis on Peace Pipe Dreams: The Truth About Lies About Indians
* Quique Escamilla on Of Love and Shadows by Isabel Allende
* Our Children's Book Panel recommends great holiday reading for young people
* Christopher Paul Curtis on The Madman of Piney Woods
* Katherine Govier on Half for You and Half for Me

"Peace Pipe Dreams" by Darrell Dennis, "Of Love and Shadows" by Isabel Allende, "Half for You and Half for Me" by Katherine Govier, "The Madman of Piney Woods" by Christopher Paul Curtis.


The member's of our Children's Book Panel - Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington - recommend great holiday reading for young people.
Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington are the members of The Next Chapter's longstanding Children's Book Panel

Children's Book Panel selections - Winter 2014

Michele Landsberg's picks:

The Madman of Piney Woods by Christopher Paul Curtis, ages 11+

Gustave by Remy Simard, illus. Pierre Pratt, ages 4-7

The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee, picture book, ages 4-8

Audrey (cow) by Dan Bar-El, illus. Tatjana Mai-Wyss  ages 8-12

Michele's bonus picks:

Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, ages 8-12
Michele says: A delightful graphic novel about the natural tensions between siblings on a road trip to visit relatives - with flashbacks. 

Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire (author of Wicked), ages 12+
Michele says: A sprawling and uproarious fantasy set in Czarist Russia, with two girls - a princess and a peasant - accidentally changing places and teaming up with the witch Baba Yaga to outwit climate change.

Fire Pie Trout by Melanie Mosher, illus. Renne Benoit, ages 4+
Michele says: Gracie and Gramps go fishing in the early morning dark, where Gracie discovers her wit and courage and catches a trout.

Rosa Rosa by Robert Priest

Ken Setterington's picks:

* Lots of Kisses by Lorna Crozier, board book for infants

Love You More by Susan Musgrave, board book for infants

If: A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers by David J. Smith, illus. Steve Adams, non-fiction for school-aged children

A Year in the Life of a Total and Complete Genius by Stacey Matson, novel for middle readers

Walking Home by Eric Walters, novel for middle readers

Ken's bonus picks:

The Flat Rabbit by Bardur Oskarsson, picture book
Ken says: Kind and gentle story of a rat and a dog who discover a flat rabbit lying in the road.  They plan a unique send off for her.  Humourous, and ultimately satisfying story of a perfect send-off for a friend.

Do Not Open Until Christmas by Jean Little, middle readers
Ken says: A collection of 12 stories from a master writer that showcase the power of Christmas.

Julian by William Bell, teens
Ken says: Powerful story of a young man wanting to find his way without the support of a family.  A book that will be sure to have both male and female teens intrigued and caught up in Julian's story. This is simply book not to be missed, by a writer we don't hear from enough.

New beautiful editions of the books written by L. M. Montgomery.  All the titles about Anne (Anne of Green Gables) and Emily (Emily of New Moon)
Ken says: Time to celebrate!