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Bryton Udy of Leaving Thomas wanted to restructure his life goals based on this self-help book

The member of the Calgary country duo is currently reading Principles By Ray Dalio.
Bryton Udy is one-half of Calgary country music duo Leaving Thomas. (Simon & Schuster, submitted by Bryton Udy)

Calgary country music duo Leaving Thomas is made up of singer/songwriters Annika Odegard and Bryton Udy. In  2019, the duo released their album Nothing Comes For Free, which is a playful and bouncy take on the genre. 

When he's not recording or performing with the band, Udy can be found with a book on hand or nearby. He's currently reading the 2017 self-help book Principles By Ray Dalio.

He dropped by The Next Chapter to tell us why. 

"I am reading Principles by Ray Dalio. He is an author and a really successful hedge fund manager. The book goes through his personal life principles as well as his work principles. It paints the picture of how he makes the decisions in his life and his work — and how it's led him to the successful life that he is presently living.

I would highly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a little self-improvement.​​​- Bryton Udy

"It breaks it down that we have about five or six main principles in both our life and work. Those principles actually have sub-principles as well. So he digs really deep into why he does what he does — and how he does what he does. It gives you a great roadmap on how to follow that. It's actually a book that you can directly apply to your life. I would highly recommend it to anybody who's looking for a little self-improvement."

Bryton Udy's comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Watch the video for the song Choose by Leaving Thomas


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