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Full episode: Jan. 21, 2019

Shelagh Rogers talks to former Governor General David Johnston, fantasy YA novelist Sarah Raughley and debut writer David Kingston Yeh.

Why former governor general David Johnston believes we need trust now more than ever

The author and former Governor General of Canada speaks to Shelagh Rogers about his new book, Trust.

Sarah Raughley explores superheroes & celebrity in her YA fantasy series

The author of Legacy of Light discusses writing a book series featuring young women heroes.

Donna Bailey Nurse remembers the talent of Nancy Richler

The Next Chapter columnist takes a look at two novels by the late Montreal author: 2002's Your Mouth is Lovely and 2012's The Imposter Bride.

Why David Kingston Yeh's debut novel, A Boy at the Edge of the World, explores 'sex, love and intimacy'

Why the Toronto author used his own personal experience moving from a small town to the big city to honestly depict LGBTQ sexuality.

Tom Rachman on the lasting relevance of A Collection of Essays by George Orwell

The author on why he re-reads the Orwell classic nonfiction work.
Bedside Books

Why Jayli Wolf of Once a Tree loved reading The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz

The member of the electronic music duo on the book that left her feeling empowered and inspired.

If you liked Sally Kohn's The Opposite of Hate you'll love this Canadian book

The Next Chapter columnist Victor Dwyer reveals why Stephen Reid's A Crowbar in the Buddhist Garden is the perfect Canadian companion to Sally Kohn's bestseller.

Full episode: Jan. 14, 2019

Shelagh Rogers talks to Jennifer Robson, James FitzGerald, Roy Miki and more.

Jennifer Robson's new historical novel centres on Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown

The bestselling historical fiction writer shares stories she unearthed in researching the making of the dress for her novel The Gown.
Dog-Eared Reads

Kerri Sakamoto believes Birds Art Life by Kyo Maclear is 'essential reading' for creative people

The author of the novel The Floating City talks about why she loved reading Kyo Maclear's memoir.

Nick Bantock crafts a puzzle for readers in Dubious Documents

The bestselling author of the Griffin & Sabine series has created a book that contains 16 envelopes with clues for readers to decode.

James FitzGerald looks back on how his first love's early death shaped him and another man

His memoir Dreaming Sally is full of uncanny coincidences surrounding the life and two loves of Sally Wodehouse, who died at the age of 18.
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Why Weaves' Jasmyn Burke recommends reading All About Love by bell hooks

'It's about finding love, not only within yourself, but in your community,' says the lead singer and a co-founder of the Toronto band Weaves.

Full episode: Jan. 7, 2019

Shelagh Rogers talks to Katherena Vermette, David A. Robertson, Andrea Dorfman and more.
Proust Questionnaire

Katherena Vermette on her favourite journey and idea of perfect happiness

The award-winning poet and novelist takes The Next Chapter's version of the Proust Questionnaire.

Andrea Dorfman fell in love with a plastic surgeon and learned to embrace her 'flaws' in the process

The filmmaker and writer talks about her autobiographical comic Flawed.
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Why musician Alysha Brilla loved reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont. singer-songwriter says the book blends science and Indigenous knowledge to describe the teachings of plants.

If you liked All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, read this award-winning Canadian novel

The Next Chapter listener Heather Touet reveals why Patrick deWitt's The Sisters Brothers is the perfect Canadian counterpart to Cormac McCarthy's classic novel.
Reading List

David A. Robertson wants you to read these 3 graphic novels

The novelist, comics writer and columnist for The Next Chapters recommends three graphic novels you should pick up right away.

Brian Francis tries to turn his ideas into cash with the help of 3 business books

The Next Chapter columnist takes a look at All In by Arlene Dickinson, Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau and Craft a Creative Business by Fiona Pullen.

Full episode: Dec. 31, 2018

The final episode of The Next Chapter for 2018 includes a selection of memorable author interviews from the past year.

How Heather O'Neill's father's offbeat advice shaped her as a writer

In April 2018, the Montreal author spoke with Shelagh Rogers about book Wisdom in Nonsense.

Why Michael Ondaatje thinks his latest book, Warlight, is more than a war novel

In spring 2018, the acclaimed author talked to Shelagh Rogers about his latest novel.

Why Randy Boyagoda isn't shy about the autobiographical elements of novel Original Prin

In this October 2018 interview, the author and columnist talked about why he wrote a novel that hit close to home.