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In House Panel - Nigel Wight's looming shadow

With week one almost over, In House panelists Andrew Coyne and Rosemary Barton look ahead to week two and the potential impact of the Mike Duffy trial, and Nigel Wright's testimony, on the election campaign.
Senator Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright, right, will inevitably become part of the election campaign narrative next week with the former Conservative Senator's trial set to resume. (Reuters)

As week two of, oh, just 11 weeks of the campaign begins, expect media attention to shift to the Ottawa courthouse and the Mike Duffy trial.

The trial resumes with a witness we've been waiting for for months — Stephen Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

What kind of ammunition could his testimony provide to Stephen Harper's opponents?

"He's walking into a courthouse to testify at a criminal trial. That's a problem for the Conservatives," says In House panelist Rosemary Barton, host of Power and Politics on CBC News Network.

"I don't think there are going to be smoking guns," she added. "However, I think there is still potential damage here."

"I wonder if that's already been, as they say in the stock market, 'priced in,'" says Andrew Coyne, columnist for PostMedia and the National Post.

"I suspect if there were smoking guns out there, the Prime Minister would have already stepped down, frankly. I suspect the damage has already been done."

One thing's for sure — Nigel Wright could be the last thing Stephen Harper wants to deal with right now.