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Navigating the impending relationship between Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford

Premier-designate Ford has been outspoken in his rejection of the federal plan to implement a carbon tax. He also has very different priorities from Justin Trudeau's Liberals — things that rank high on their list like pharmacare, gender-based analysis of policies and social housing don't appear on his. So just how will that dynamic play out?
Ontario PC leader Doug Ford reacts with his family after winning the Ontario Provincial election to become the new premier in Toronto, on Thursday, June 7, 2018. (Nathan Denette/Canadian PRess)

The battle for Ontario drew to a close Thursday night, with Doug Ford's PCs clinching a majority government.

But just because the campaign has ended doesn't mean the impacts of the election have.

Premier-designate Ford has been outspoken in his rejection of the federal plan to put a price on carbon. He also appears to have very different priorities from Justin Trudeau's Liberals in Ottawa.

So just how will that dynamic play out?

It's not likely to give a big boost to the federal Conservatives because there's a key piece missing, Summa Strategies' Robin MacLachlan told The House.

"Justin Trudeau is not Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals federally are not detested the way that the Ontario Liberals were," he said.

Though it remains to be seen how well the incoming premier and sitting prime minister get along, each could provide interesting opportunities for the other.

Chad Rogers from Crestview Strategy, said he thinks Ford could provide Trudeau with two options: portray him as a foil, or work with him. Either way, it will be hard to avoid dealing with the country's largest economy.

Doug Ford: 'We have taken back Ontario'

4 years ago
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PC Leader Doug Ford addresses crowd at his headquarters in Etobicoke on election night.

"Doug Ford is growing what it is to be a Conservative in Ontario."

While it may be a tough dynamic to navigate for both leaders, it's not likely to begin with a firestorm.

"[Trudeau's] approach with the premiers has being bring people under one big tent," Amanda Alvaro, co-creator of Pomp and Circumstance, explained.

She added it's unlikely the prime minister would pit himself against the new premier right out of the gate.

Ontarians elected a new government this week in what turned out to be a rout for Dog Ford's Progressive Conservatives, and an historic defeat for the Liberals. Where will Ford to take the country's largest province? And what does his win mean for the federal parties, and the rest of the country? Strategists Robin MacLachlan , Amanda Alvaro and Chad Rogers join us to discuss.