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Military has 'endemic' sexual misconduct problem

This week on The House, Evan Solomon takes a closer look at the report into the military's sexual misconduct problem, the auditor general's latest report, the heated provincial election campaign in Alberta and the latest developments in the Mike Duffy saga.
Gen. Tom Lawson, second from right, chief of the defence staff, speaks at a news conference in Ottawa on Thursday, April 30, 2015 following the release of an inquiry into sexual misconduct in the Canadian Forces. Marie Deschamps, a former Supreme Court justice and the report's author is at right, Lt.-Gen. Christine Whitecross is at left and Chief Warrant Officer Kevin West is second from left. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

A long-awaited review looking into sexual misconduct in the country's military describes a "culture of misogyny" that is hostile to women and the lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual and queer community. The report, led by retired Supreme Court Justice Marie Deschamps, concluded that: "there is an undeniable problem of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the CAF, which requires direct and sustained action." Maj.-Gen. Christine Whitecross, the Commander of the CAF Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct, joins us to explain how the military will respond to the scathing report.

AG's spring report

Whether it's not properly keeping track of the effectiveness of the boutique tax cuts they've introduced, the lack of leadership to address the growing problems with drug-resistant infections or persisting issues with health care services in remote First Nations communities, Canada's Auditor General had some tough words this week for the federal government.

Michael Ferguson compiled a long and varied list of red flags. He tells Evan Solomon that the government is not evaluating whether some of its tax cuts are working and that if action isn't taken when it comes to drug- resistant infections "we're going to be back here talking about this again in four or five years time when there's a much bigger problem."

Don't forget, with his highly-anticipated Senate audit scheduled to be tabled in June, you're likely to hear from Michael Ferguson again very soon.

Alberta's choice

After more than 40 years of a PC dynasty in Alberta, polls are suggesting a Tory topple when Albertans head to the polls next week. But how much faith are the two main contenders - the New Democratic Party and the Wildrose - putting in the numbers?

With just days to go, we catch up with NDP leader Rachel Notley and Wildrose leader Brian Jean on the road as they make their final cases for why Alberta should break with the past. 

In House panel

It's been a week on the Mike Duffy front both inside and outside the courtroom. The CBC's Terry Milewski and Radio-Canada's Emmanuelle Latraverse break down the latest developments.