The House

Inside the Liberal and Conservative transitions

This week on The House, the challenges of transition. We talk about Justin Trudeau's mammoth task with former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and newly re-elected Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland. Then, we discuss the impact of Stephen Harper's legacy on his party with Conservative MPs Diane Finley, Tony Clement and Michael Chong.

It was a marathon campaign, but for Justin Trudeau, the real work is just beginning. 

After promising change, now it's time to deliver — but first, the hurdle-filled transition period. 

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin walks us through the many challenges the Prime Minister-designate is now facing, then newly-reelected Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland discusses what we should expect in the coming days and weeks. 

It's not only the Liberals who will be experiencing change and upheaval in the coming days. The Conservative Party is facing its own transition — to the Official Opposition.

After nearly a decade in power, the Conservatives now find themselves on the Opposition side of the House, and looking for new leader. We debate the party's future with MPs Diane Finley, Tony Clement and Michael Chong.

Then, our two guides during the election campaign, Rosemary Barton, host of CBC News Network's Power & Politics, and Andrew Coyne, columnist with Postmedia, are back for one last In House panel on the challenges ahead for all three main parties.