The House

All eyes on the Mike Duffy trial and the federal budget

The wait is almost over. The trial of suspended Senator Mike Duffy -- one that could have significant political consequences -- is set to begin on Tuesday. And following months of uncertainty, we now know that Joe Oliver will table his first budget on April 21. This week, The House makes sure you're ready for both events.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver. (CBC News)

The long-anticipated trial of suspended Senator Mike Duffy will finally kick off on Tuesday. The former star Conservative fundraiser is facing 31 charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust. In an election year, the proceedings have clear political implications. In House panelists Chris Hall and Jennifer Ditchburn set the table for what promises to be a closely monitored trial.

We finally know when Joe Oliver will deliver his first budget. Before the Finance Minister gets to stand up in the House of Commons and table the 2015 budget on April 21, we ask former Prime Minister Paul Martin and Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair what they think should be part of the government's plan.

Were this week's handful of amendments to the anti-terrorism legislation the only ones the government will agree to? Critics point out there are still several aspects of bill C-51 that could -- and should -- be improved. We ask Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney if he's open to more changes, particularly when it comes to oversight

Canada's Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault is on a mission to make the federal government more open. This week, she tabled a report that includes 85 recommendations. Is the government listening?