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Party strategists brace for a long winter of cliffhangers in the Commons

Federal politicians pulled back from the brink of an election this week — but three political strategists say they believe the brinkmanship in the Commons is likely to continue as the Liberals and opposition parties grapple over the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caliphate podcast shifted debate on repatriation: expert

It’s time for a conversation about bringing Canadians back from Syria that's based on facts, says national security expert Leah West.

CBC Radio's The House: A federal focus on Indigenous relations

On this week’s show: Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada president Rebecca Kudloo discusses Friday’s federal meeting on discrimination against Indigenous people in Canada’s health-care system. Conservative MP Chris d’Entremont examines the ongoing lobster fishery dispute in southwest Nova Scotia. Plus, a panel of MPs debates the opposition’s bid to continue investigating the WE affair, and the CBC’s Tanya Fletcher breaks down the B.C. election.

House of Commons close to testing new remote voting app

MPs will soon be asked to test a new voting app — part of the House of Commons' efforts to make the current hybrid sitting less cumbersome for the politicians who are not attending in person.

CBC Radio's The House: New restrictions, new challenges

On this week’s show: Brampton mayor Patrick Brown reacts to new pandemic restrictions in parts of Ontario. Then, Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita Anand discusses Canada’s approval of new COVID-19 rapid tests and preparations for a vaccine. And House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota explains the challenges of a hybrid Parliament, while EU expert Lutz Guellner issues a warning about COVID-19 disinformation.

Liberals say they rushed relief bill to help Canadians

The federal government says it isn't trying to escape scrutiny by passing a COVID-19 relief bill quickly, but opposition MPs have questioned the rapid process.

CBC Radio's The House: Economic relief for Canadians, Trump's COVID case

This week: The government's major COVID-19 economic relief bill passed the House this week with unanimous support, but the opposition has complained about the rapid process. Also — what Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis means for the U.S. presidential election.

Liberals, NDP reach deal on sick leave, avoiding immediate election

The Liberal government will expand the number of people who can access sick days, clearing the way for New Democrats to support the throne speech and bypass an immediate election, sources tell CBC News.

CBC Radio's The House: Bracing for a second wave

On this week’s show: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh breaks down his deal with the Liberals on paid sick leave, while Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister reacts to the throne speech. Then, as parts of the country experience a second wave of COVID-19, lawyer Kyla Lee shares what it was like to be a younger person with the illness. Plus: three Green leadership candidates outline their plans for the party and two experts debate the merits of nuclear energy.

Chris Hall: There's no path to net-zero without nuclear power, says O'Regan

Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O'Regan says Canadians have to be open to more nuclear power generation if this country is to meet the carbon emissions reduction targets it agreed to five years ago in Paris.

CBC Radio's The House: Is pharmacare worthy of the throne?

On this week's show: Two federal party leaders have tested positive for COVID-19, but what does that mean for Parliament's imminent return? Then, ahead of Wednesday's throne speech, Dr. Danyaal Raza discusses prioritizing a national pharmacare program. Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan also talks potential plans for green jobs and clean energy programs, and two Green leadership candidates spar over the party's trajectory. Finally, a philosophy professor breaks down the spread of disinformation during the pandemic.

Chris Hall: Conservative whip compares online Commons voting to 'swiping right' on Tinder

A senior Conservative MP is comparing a government proposal for online voting in the House of Commons to the dating app Tinder.

CBC Radio's The House: A pandemic Parliament puzzle

On this week’s show: Liberal, Conservative and NDP whips spar over safely resuming Parliament and whether MPs could vote remotely. Then, the CBC’s Jacques Poitras previews next week’s election in New Brunswick. Plus, three contenders for the leadership of the federal Green Party outline their vision. And the House looks at balancing the environment and the economy as Canada faces an unsteady recovery from COVID-19.

Chris Hall: Trudeau says he doesn't want an election - but not everyone buys it

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the coming throne speech will be a watershed moment for the nation — but a prominent New Democrat says he's taking an awful risk.

CBC Radio's The House: Could a Liberal-NDP coalition prevent an election?

On this week’s show: Liberal insider David Herle and NDP national director Anne McGrath talk about a potential coalition between the two parties. Then, Canadian Labour Congress leader Hassan Yussuff discusses what he wants to see from the government’s upcoming throne speech. The House dives into Canada's reckoning with its history and monuments. Finally, Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne talks about Canada’s position on authoritarian regimes around the world.

CBC Radio's The House: Schools reopen and next steps for the Conservatives

On this week’s show: Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc talks federal funding to get kids back to school safely. Former leadership hopeful Leslyn Lewis discusses the future of the Conservative Party and her role in it, and two Canadians weigh in on where the party goes from here. Then, retiring Senator Lillian Dyck discusses her legacy and The House looks back at a week of continuing unrest over police brutality in the United States.

Jagmeet Singh tallies up the price for NDP to support fall throne speech: Chris Hall

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh tells CBC Radio's The House that he’s not looking to force an election this fall if the Liberal government follows through on commitments to help women and other marginalized groups affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

New Brunswick prepares for Canada's first pandemic election

People across Canada are closely watching the contest to elect New Brunswick’s next premier — an event that could become a "canary in the coalmine" for pandemic elections.

CBC Radio's The House: Aug. 22, 2020

On this week’s show: Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough lays out a plan for a post-CERB world and discusses why the government prorogued Parliament. Plus, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh looks ahead to a fall confidence vote. Also, hear how New Brunswick will pull off a pandemic election, and join the CBC’s Catherine Cullen and Hannah Thibedeau as they set the stage for Sunday’s unveiling of a new Conservative leader.

Chris Hall: Andrew Scheer warns Conservatives not to take party unity for granted

In a candid exit interview with CBC Radio's The House, Andrew Scheer says whoever succeeds him as Conservative leader will have to deal directly with the growing sense of Western alienation that’s spawned the Wexit movement and talk of separation in Alberta.

CBC Radio's The House: Aug. 15, 2020

On this week’s show: Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer shares advice for his successor days before the leadership race comes to an end. Lisa Raitt, co-chair of the election’s organizing committee, discusses holding the vote amid the pandemic. Plus, hear the latest on the fallout from the WE Charity controversy and listen to two experts debate the merits of a national basic income program as the CERB begins to wind down.

Multiple vaccine candidates needed to safeguard against possible failures, task force co-lead says

A co-chair of Canada’s new COVID-19 vaccine task force says it will be critical to have a number of vaccine candidates on hand to halt the spread of the coronavirus should any of the country’s leading options fail.

CBC Radio's The House: August 8, 2020

On this week's show: Procurement Minister Anita Anand and Vaccine Task Force co-chair Dr. Joanne Langley discuss Canada's work to secure a COVID-19 vaccine. Plus, international trade attorney Dan Ujczo shares his thoughts on new tariffs on Canadian aluminum, while MPs Rob Oliphant and Garnett Genuis discuss what’s next for the Commons committee on Canada-China relations. Then, an Ontario tenant advocate and an Alberta homelessness expert examine how the transition away from CERB could affect people in precarious housing situations.

Pushback from families, MPs led to reversal on N.S. mass shooting inquiry, Blair says

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says it was persistent calls from victims’ families for a public inquiry into April’s mass shooting in Nova Scotia — and pressure from members of the province’s federal Liberal caucus — that led him to abandon a plan for a less robust review of the tragedy.

CBC Radio's The House: August 1, 2020

On this week's show: host Rosemary Barton digs into the WE controversy with MPs on the House of Commons finance committee who pitched questions to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his connections to the charity organization. Plus, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair explains why he agreed to order a public inquiry into April's mass shooting in Nova Scotia. Then, The House reaches into the archives with interviews dating from the week the PCs and the Canadian Alliance agreed to join forces to become the Conservative Party of Canada.