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Bob Rae says Ukraine should get all the weapons Canada can find

The word "hawk" and the name Bob Rae are seldom found in the same sentence — except when it comes to Ukraine.

CBC Radio's The House: Can Putin's war be stopped?

On this week’s show: UN Ambassador Bob Rae discusses Russia’s limited mobilization and the evolving war in Ukraine, MPs Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and Don Davies talk about a review of Canada’s cannabis rules and CBC reporter Kate McKenna digs into the issue of immigration in the current Quebec election. Plus — political scientist Jared Wesley and pollster Christian Bourque compare and contrast sovereignty movements in Alberta and Quebec.

Welcome, Catherine Cullen — the new host of The House!

Catherine Cullen is the new host of CBC Radio's The House, joining the program after eight years in CBC's parliamentary bureau.

With a fall brawl looming in Parliament, some MPs hope for a more civil session

The first face-to-face showdown between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the newly-minted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is set to happen this week. But while political fireworks are expected, some MPs are hoping to lower the temperature on Parliament Hill this fall.

CBC Radio's The House: What can politicians do about the cost of living?

On this week’s show: A mother of four talks about her struggle to cope with the rising cost of living, and two experts weigh in on how political parties might address the problem. Plus, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talks about new measures on affordability announced this week, and journalists Paul Wells and Tonda MacCharles talk about the return of Parliament and Pierre Poilievre’s first week as leader of the federal Conservatives.

CBC Radio's The House: A new reign in Canada

On this week’s show: Former prime minister Brian Mulroney reflects on Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and leadership. An expert in Canadian governance breaks down the impact of the transfer of power to King Charles III. An Indigenous environmental activist talks about meeting the new King earlier this year. Plus — we speak to young Conservatives about voting in a new party leader.

Ottawa improving vetting process to keep Heritage grants away from groups promoting hate: Hussen

Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen says the Department of Canadian Heritage will be improving its vetting process to make sure it doesn't give money to organizations that espouse hatred — and those that do could be banned from future funding.

CBC Radio's The House: How the World Economic Forum became the target of a global conspiracy theory

Adrian Monck, managing director of the World Economic Forum, discusses how his organization became the target of conspiracy theories. Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen talks about the government’s decision to cut funding to a group linked to hateful comments. Plus — former premiers Kathleen Wynne and Christy Clark share their experiences of intimidation and threats, and our summer series wraps up with a trip to Alberta to talk with CPC MP Laila Goodridge.

Chrystia Freeland latest target of public threats, intimidation against women in Canadian politics

Journalists, activists and politicians, especially women, have been the subject of harassment and intimidation, including a campaign of threats against journalists and the verbal harassment of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Sport minister calls for 'change' at Hockey Canada as calls for resignations mount

As calls mount for the leaders of Canada's national hockey organization to resign over sexual misconduct scandals, Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge is calling for "change" within the organization.

CBC Radio's The House: Hockey Canada's scandal deepens

Sports Minister Pascale St-Onge discusses her reaction to the latest allegations of sexual assault by junior hockey players and how the government is responding. The program also looks into high-profile cases of harassment against journalists and activists, before digital policy experts Emily Laidlaw and Yuan Stevens discuss what effect legislation might have. Plus — our summer series takes us to Winnipeg Centre to talk with NDP MP Leah Gazan.

CBC Radio's The House: The best of The House this year

The House revisits some of the best stories you may have missed from the past year and checks in with Halifax realtor Angela Cowan for an update on her house-hunting clients who have eagerly awaited a shift in the market. We also revisit Kieran Oudshoorn’s award-winning report from the front line of the Fairy Creek protests and a Kyiv resident’s audio diary from the early days of the war in Ukraine. Plus — an in-depth look at Agnes MacPhail, Canada’s first female MP.

CBC Radio's The House: Does Canada need more private health care?

On this week’s show: Former Saskatchewan finance minister Janice MacKinnon and Melanie Bechard, chair of the group Canadian Doctors for Medicare, debate the prospect of increased privatization in health-care. Deborah Lyons, former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan, reflects on the year since Kabul fell to the Taliban. Plus — our summer series brings us to Toronto to talk with rookie Liberal MP Michael Coteau.

China's live-fire exercises off Taiwan an 'unnecessary escalation,' defence minister says

Canada's defence minister says there's no justification for the Chinese military's live-fire exercises off Taiwan. Anita Anand says it's an "unnecessary escalation" following the visit of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to the island.

CBC Radio's The House: Can Ukraine hold on?

On this week’s show: Ukrainian journalist Serhii Prokopenko tells guest host Murray Brewster about covering the war in his homeland. Defence expert Phillip Karber, who has advised both Ukraine and NATO, discusses the evolution of the conflict. Plus — Defence Minister Anita Anand talks about Canada’s support for arming and training the Ukrainian military, and The House travels to Kitchener, Ont. to talk to Green MP Mike Morrice for our summer series.

The Pope said he's sorry. So what's next for reconciliation?

During a conversation with his son, Niigaan Sinclair, on a special episode of CBC Radio's The House, former Truth and Reconciliation Commission chair Murray Sinclair said the Pope's apology did not go far enough and more work remains on key areas for reconciliation.

CBC Radio's The House: TRC calls to action — what's next?

On this week’s show: In a special edition of The House, guest host Niigaan Sinclair sits down for a conversation with his father, Murray Sinclair, to discuss what the former Truth and Reconciliation Commission chair and senator thinks about the Pope’s apology. Plus — in-depth looks into how much progress has been made on fulfilling the TRC calls to action around key issues like justice, health and education.

Oil and gas industry could get more time to meet 2030 emissions targets, minister says

Canada's environment minister says the federal government could give oil and gas companies more time to fully meet 2030 emissions reduction targets.

CBC Radio's The House: Capping emissions, comparing campaigns

On this week’s show: Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault explains the federal government’s proposals for emissions reductions in the oil and gas industry. Two journalists break down the similarities and differences between the leadership race for Alberta's United Conservative Party and the one for federal Conservatives. Plus — our summer series takes us to rural Nova Scotia to meet Conservative MP Chris d’Entremont, and author Dale Eisler discusses the evolution of Saskatchewan politics.

CBC Radio's The House: Haggling over health care

On this week’s show: Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Andrew Furey talks about the premiers’ calls for additional health-care spending and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc gives Ottawa’s perspective. Plus — two digital policy experts discuss whether the Rogers outage might shake up the industry in Canada, and our summer series travels to B.C. to meet NDP MP Bonita Zarrillo.

CBC Radio's The House: Leadership and loss

On this week’s show: B.C. Premier John Horgan talks about the push to secure health-care funding from the feds. Two journalists discuss the disqualification of CPC leadership candidate Patrick Brown. Plus — former ambassador to Japan Ian Burney talks about the assassination of Shinzo Abe, a special summer series kicks off with a profile of Bloc MP Nathalie Sinclair-Desgagné and U.K. Tory MP Huw Merriman discusses the fall of Boris Johnson.

Canadian, American officials optimistic on democracy despite 'concerning cocktail' of threats

Politicians on both sides of the border are expressing confidence that Canada and the United States can both continue to have a strong, friendly relationship and bolster the strength of their democracies, despite a series of threats arising from partisan division, frustration and economic unease.

CBC Radio's The House: ♫ We are family ♫

On this week’s show: U.S. Ambassador David Cohen kicks off a special episode on the Canada-U.S. relationship. Canadian senator Peter Boehm and the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, discuss the state of democracy in both countries. Plus — Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland gives her take on the bilateral relationship and NORAD commander Gen. Glen VanHerck talks about efforts to modernize the continental air defence force.

CBC Radio's The House: Justin Trudeau talks COVID, convoys and chaos

On this week’s show:

Trudeau defends vax mandates, Emergencies Act decision, in interview

Justin Trudeau says people who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must accept the consequences of those decisions, including lost employment and restricted access to transportation and other services.