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The House: Feds likely to hold onto pipeline past 2019 election

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says Ottawa is likely to own the Trans Mountain pipeline past the next election. Meanwhile, Indigenous groups in Canada say they are serious about buying the pipeline, and they want the feds to start getting serious about it too. Plus: the new minister for rural economic development talks connectivity in Canada, and MPs debrief us on the closed door meeting with ambassador to China John McCallum.

Rural issues given spotlight with creation of new ministry

The newest member of Justin Trudeau's cabinet, Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan, says rural connectivity will be her focus in this election year.

MPs want Trudeau to call China's president

Opposition MPs Erin O'Toole and Helene Laverdiere share their strategies for approaching the diplomatic spat with China.

Midweek podcast: May Day in the U.K.

On the midweek podcast, Chris Hall talks to the former Canadian High Commissioner to the U.K., Jim Wright, about what's next for Brexit. Then, Liberal MP John McKay discusses his private member's bill that would stop Canada from importing goods produced by modern slavery.

The Brexit brink and a Green '19

This week on The House, Britain's High Commissioner looks ahead to Tuesday's critical Brexit vote and what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Canada. Then, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins Chris Hall to talk Green Party strategy as she hopes to capitalize on provincial momentum in this fall's federal election. Plus, the In House panel discusses January 'House cleaning' as Trudeau prepares for a cabinet shuffle.

Elizabeth May: 'If your one issue is survival, that's kind of a good issue'

Elizabeth May sees climate cracks in the three main parties' environmental strategies as they focus on duking it out over the carbon tax. Can the Greens position themselves as the leader on one of the ballot box issues going into an election year? The federal Green Party leader talks strategy with Chris.

Canada's climate change ambassador says ambition will increase with time

Patricia Fuller may not be a household name to most Canadians, but that's about to change as climate concerns continue to rise along with the global temperature. She says Canada's climate action will increase in ambition as technology shifts.

Midweek podcast: The politics of anger

Politics has always been a blood sport, but is it getting nastier than ever? As the federal election year kicks off, The House looks at why anger and fear are becoming more powerful factors in politics here in Canada and abroad.

The House: The Senate's 'sober second thought' and gearing up for the election

This week on The House, we sit down with Sen. Peter Harder to talk about the evolving Senate, amendments and lobbying. We also take a special tour of Parliament with House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan. And we ask strategists from the three main federal parties how they're getting ready for October's election.

Tour Centre Block with the Speaker of the House of Commons

Canada's Parliament has welcomed prime ministers, kings, queens and presidents. Its chambers have handled legislation that has forever changed Canada, and its halls have seen scandal. And starting this month, its doors will be closed for a decade. Take a tour with Commons Speaker Geoff Regan.

Planning for October: How the 3 big parties are preparing for an election

Ringing in 2019 also meant ushering in the start of an election year. We asked Suzanne Cowan, the president of the Liberal Party of Canada, Hamish Marshall, the Conservatives' national campaign chair, and Michael Balagus, a senior campaign strategist with the NDP, to walk us through how each of their parties will be approaching the lead-up to the campaign.

The House: The 2018 political quiz

This week on The House, we test your memory with our annual political quiz. Joel-Denis Bellavance from La Presse, Tonda MacCharles from the Toronto Star and the CBC's Catherine Cullen battle over some of the most memorable moments of Canadian politics in 2018.

The House: Canada's limited options for dealing with China

This week on The House, we ask former CSIS director Ward Elcock how Canada can deal with China. We also hear a perspective on renovating 24 Sussex Dr. from Scott Reid, who spent time there with former prime minister Paul Martin. Finally, we look back on politics in 2018 with the Conservatives and the NDP.

'Things are not getting better': B.C. opioid crisis still raging

A huge portion of opioid deaths in Canada occur in British Columbia, and the problem isn't abating, says the minister in charge.

The opposition parties look back on 2018

The Conservatives' Lisa Raitt and the NDP's Nathan Cullen chat with Chris Hall about the year that was in Canadian politics.

The House: U.S.-China faceoff puts Canada in an awkward position

This week on The House, we talk to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale about national security issues and the threat China poses to Canada because of Meng Wanzhou's extradition. We sit down with Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott and activist Cindy Blackstock to get an update on measures to help Indigenous children in foster care. Finally, we ask the ITK's Natan Obed how he feels about new updates to the Nutrition North food program.

Frustrations linger around treatment of Indigenous children

Both the government and Indigenous activists say it's time to act now to change the way the foster care system operates — but they don't see eye-to-eye on the pace of reform.

Northern food security program updates were 'never designed' for Inuit, leader says

The long-awaited changes to the federal government's food program in the North have missed the mark, says the leader of Canada's largest Inuit organization.

Midweek podcast: The 2019 to-do list for the Liberals

This week on The House midweek podcast, we ask Government House Leader Bardish Chagger about what her party did in 2018 and what they hope to accomplish next year. Chris Hall talks to her about broken promises and big achievements in anticipation of 2019.

The House: Justin Trudeau confronts the provincial uprisings

This week on The House, we were in Montreal for the first ministers meeting. We'll talk with the premiers of Alberta, B.C., Nova Scotia and Saskatchwan about oil, the environment, and a court challenge of the federal carbon pricing strategy. Finally, we'll ask for reaction from federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc.

Midweek podcast: Pot pardons and supply management woes

This week on The House midweek podcast, we chat with Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod about what to expect when he and his counterparts meet with the prime minister this week. We also ask MP Murray Rankin about his private member's bill that would expunge certain cannabis-related crimes.

The House: Dangerous diplomatic waters and climate concerns

This week on The House, Chris talks to German ambassador Sabine Sparwasser about the G20 summit in the context of Putin and Khashoggi, and the future of Europe after Angela Merkel steps down. Then, Chris asks Ontario's Environment Min. Rod Phillips how the province's new climate plan will meet international targets, and Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance addresses the auditor general's report on the military's efforts to stamp out sexual assault.

G20 tensions and Europe after Merkel

Germany's ambassador to Canada Sabine Sparwasser discusses the tensions at the G20 summit and looks ahead to Europe after Angela Merkel steps down.

Jim Carr: Time to step out from U.S. shadow

Minister of International Trade Diversification Jim Carr discusses Canada's new export diversification strategy laid out in the fall fiscal update.

Ontario unveils new climate plan

The province released its new plan to fight climate change this week - how does it stack up? Ontario Environment Minister Rod Phillips is here.