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The House: Maxime Bernier introduces his new political party

This week on The House, we ask Maxime Bernier about his new federal party's principles and promises. Then, Chris looks ahead to the fall sitting of Parliament as MPs make their way back to Ottawa after a not-so-sleepy summer, and mayors weigh in on the controversial spat heating up between Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto city council.

NDP and Liberals start their election engines

It's back-to-work time for MPs returning to Parliament Hill after the summer break, and with the election countdown clock ticking, parliamentarians are shifting into overdrive.

Mayors concerned over use of notwithstanding clause

This week's chaos at Queen's Park — following Ontario Premier Doug Ford's decision to use the notwithstanding clause to push through his government's bill cutting the size of Toronto's city council — is resonating in municipalities across the country.

The ethics of governance

Three senior members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet have been found to be in violation of ethics rules in the past year — a list that includes the prime minister himself.

Midweek podcast: The debate over the notwithstanding clause

This week on The House midweek podcast, Carissima Mathen, professor of law and constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa, talks about the repercussions of the decision by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to invoke the notwithstanding clause. We also ask the CBC's Hannah Thibedeau and David Cochrane for the latest details on the NDP and Liberal caucus meetings.

The House: Liberals come up short on answers with Trans Mountain

This week on The House, we ask Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi for details on the Liberals' plan to move forward with the Trans Mountain pipeline, and talk to NDP and Conservative MPs about the project. Chris Hall asks a media ethics expert about the implications of the scathing editorial about Donald Trump published by the New York Times. Finally, we break down the feud between Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer with a historian who talks about how that will affect the Conservatives' chances of winning in 2019.

Anonymous Trump editorial highlights the need to check facts, expert says

The uproar created by an opinion piece written by a Trump administration official signals a critical juncture for both journalism and democracy, according to a media ethics expert.

Should Scheer make peace with Bernier?

Maxime Bernier's fiery departure from the Conservative party drew the ire of its leaders, though they seemed reluctant to mention him by name at the party's recent convention. In an effort to minimize the fallout, party officials seem to be resisting tackling the issue head-on.

Midweek podcast: U.S. labour unions push Trump not to leave Canada 'on the sidelines'

This week on The House midweek podcast, Celeste Drake of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations talks about the push to keep Canada at the NAFTA negotiating table. We also ask the CBC's Katie Simpson for the latest details from the talks in Washington.

The House: Canada negotiates for new version of NAFTA

This week on The House, we recap the major shifts in the NAFTA negotiations with advisory council member Rona Ambrose. We also ask Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc about Ottawa's path forward after the Trans Mountain pipeline construction was stopped by a court ruling causing Alberta to go against the federal climate change plan. Finally, we look at the cluster of retirements from the NDP caucus.

Notley prepared to fight Ottawa's climate plan over pipeline stall

As progress on the Trans Mountain pipeline stalls, Ottawa has lost another provincial ally in the climate fight — leaving the Trudeau government scrambling for answers as the crowd of friendly faces thins across the country.

NDP's shrinking caucus is just coincidence, MP says

Outgoing NDP MP Linda Duncan says it's "purely coincidental" that so many of her fellow caucus members are leaving politics at the same time.

Midweek podcast: NAFTA tipping point could leave Canada outside looking in, says economist

This week on the midweek podcast, guest host Terry Milewski is joined by economist Daniel Schwanen to explore Canada's options when it comes to negotiating a trade deal with the U.S. — which announced a bilateral deal with Mexico this week.

The House: The Conservatives send out the rallying cry for 2019

This week on The House, we sit down with Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer to talk about the path to victory in next year's federal election. Three panels of MPs, pundits and observers from other parties join us to share their insights on the policies that will build the Conservative platform, and key Brexit figure Daniel Hannan explains the dangers of populism.

Bernier no threat to Conservative caucus: Raitt

The Conservative deputy party leader says there's no danger of her now-former colleague Maxime Bernier unravelling the caucus to start his own party.

'Trumpy' populism has no place in Canada, European politician says

Populism may be taking root around the world, but one of the figures behind Brexit doesn't think there's an appetite for Trump-like tactics in Canada.

Atlantic Tories look to prevent another Liberal sweep

'We're not the Liberals' might as well be the slogan of the Conservative's efforts to win back seats on Canada's eastern coast, according to two MP hopefuls.

Opposing parties see remnants of Harper in Conservative party

The Conservative party doesn't look any different than it did in the era of Stephen Harper's government to observers from the Liberal and NDP parties.

Midweek podcast: The Liberals and Conservatives gear up for 2019 election

This week on the midweek podcast, we dive into the Liberal and Conservative party gatherings happening this week at opposite ends of the country. We look at what issues that will be on the table and how the parties are gearing up for the 2019 election.

The House: Modernizing the Mounties

This week on The House, we catch up with the RCMP's new commissioner Brenda Lucki to talk about her efforts to modernize the force. We talk with trade diversification minister Jim Carr about how Canada can move exports outside the U.S. Finally, we take an in depth look at the government's attempts to curb drug overdoses.

Diversifying trade must focus on like minds: Minister

Part of moving a larger portion of Canada's trade market away from the U.S. must include working with other nations who share Canada's perspective, according to the new trade diversification minister.

Drug users still too scared of police to call 911 for overdoses

The government introduced the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act in May 2017 to provide some amnesty for drug users - but a year after the legislation was passed, many people are still too scared to call for help because they fear arrest.

Midweek podcast: Quebec heads to the polls

Eric Grenier, the CBC's polls analyst, and Jonathan Montpetit, who covers Quebec politics for CBC, give us a rundown of the political landscape in Quebec ahead of the campaign kickoff.

The House: How irreparable are relations between Canada and the U.S.?

This week on The House, we talk to Vermont Governor Phil Scott about the upcoming meeting between his New England counterparts and eastern Canadian ministers. We'll also dissect the spat between Saudi Arabia and Canada, and chat with Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde about his priorities after being re-elected.

Respect key in U.S.-Canada relationship, governor says

A U.S. governor fears recent blows to the relationship between Canada and the U.S. could leave scars that will take a long time to heal.