The Housewith Chris Hall


Why China is so focused on Canada's election

This week on The House, Japanese Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane talks about what his country has learned from dealing with China. We also speak to Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett about the new settlement for sexual assault victims in the military. Finally, we look at President Trump's racist tweets and identity politics with professor Victoria Esses.

Premiers leave Council of the Federation in unity... mostly

This week on The House, CBC senior reporter Salimah Shivji gives a debrief on the premiers' meeting. We talk about the controversial expansion of the Chateau Laurier with architectural historian Peter Coffman. Cartoonist Michael de Adder defends his Trump cartoon and finally, we look at the significance of putting neo-Nazi groups on the terrorist list with national security expert Leah West.

How will premiers keep a provincial focus with a federal vote looming?

This week on The House, B.C. Premier John Horgan joins us to look ahead to next week's premiers' meeting. We look at the stakes for Canadians in Hong Kong amid protests over extradition laws with an activist. Finally, are political cartoons a dying medium? We talk to a communications professor about up-and-coming memes.

China and Canada face-to-face at the G20

This week on The House, we talk about the G20 summit in Japan with a former interpreter and get a fresh update from our reporter there. Our strategist panel is back to talk about the kick off of the pre-writ period. Finally, we look at climate change and the path forward for Canada with two environment experts.

TMX approval was already factored in to Paris emissions target, fisheries minister says

This week on The House we discuss the federal cabinet's decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline, again.

What is appropriate influence in an election?

This week on The House, we talk about Elections Canada's plans to enlist social media influencers to get out the vote with expert Amanda Clarke. We'll review the upcoming energy-related decisions on Trans Mountain and Bill C-69 with Enbridge CEO Al Monaco and Coldwater Chief Lee Spahan. Finally, we look at the new carbon tax report with former Ontario environment commissioner Dianne Saxe.

Midweek podcast: Recommendations on the path to national pharmacare

This week on the midweek podcast, Dr. Eric Hoskins, head of the government's pharmacare advisory council, talks about the new report recommending universal coverage. We'll also get reaction from Linda Silas, president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.

The politics of basketball

This week on The House, former political strategists Scott Reid and Dennis Matthews join us to talk about why politicians are clinging to the success of the Toronto Raptors. We talk about how environmental issues will affect this election with Sabrina Bowman of GreenPAC. And, after a shooter's manifesto was read into the Parliamentary record, we ask what belongs in our history books.

Midweek podcast: Getting veterans off Canada's streets

This week on the midweek podcast, we speak to homeless advocate and former Canadian Armed Forces member Tim Richter about the latest motion in Parliament to help homeless veterans.

Congress in no rush to pass new NAFTA, says Congressman

This week on The House, U.S. Democrat Dan Kildee talks about what his party wants to see before they'll pass the new NAFTA. Mexico's ambassador to Canada talks about Trump's new tariffs, and two Arctic experts speak to us about the quest to plant our flag at the North Pole.

Midweek podcast: Frustrations continue for international data committee

This week on the midweek podcast, U.K. Member of Parliament Jo Stevens talks about the continued struggles of the International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy to get answers from social media giants.

A judicial precedent for Quebec

This week on The House, Quebec Justice Minister Sonia LeBel talks about the decision to let her province have a say in picking its Supreme Court justices. We talk about digital privacy with Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains and look ahead to an international digital meeting hosted by Canada with MP Bob Zimmer. Finally, our In House panelists are back to talk about resources and the courts.

Midweek podcast: Trade union boss not ready to back new NAFTA yet

This week on the midweek podcast, we chat with United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard about union support for ratifying the new NAFTA, enforcing Mexican labour reform and what safeguards he thinks are needed to protect Canadian steel.

A test of metal: It's goodbye to steel and aluminum tariffs

This week on The House, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland talks about the new deal to lift steel and aluminum tariffs and Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff breaks down the final details before the deal came into place. With Bill C-48 in trouble, Senator David Tkachuk walks us through the legislation. Finally, our special strategist panel is back.

Midweek podcast: The curtain is closing on the bard of Parliament

This week on the midweek podcast, we talk to retiring Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner about the tone of modern politics, what he'd change on the Hill and how he feels looking back on his 19 years in Parliament.

The House: Addressing cracks in the refugee system

This week on The House, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen defends the government after a scathing new report from the Auditor General. We recap the latest in the Mark Norman case with Conservative MP Erin O'Toole. Chris Hall sits down with New Zealand's high commissioner to discuss the Christchurch Call, and finally, two senators break down the amendments to Bill C-69.

Midweek podcast: A breakthrough for the Greens

On this week's midweek podcast, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins us to talk about the win in Nanaimo-Ladysmith and what the future holds for the party in October.

The House: Tensions rise in the provinces

With several provinces challenging the federal carbon tax, and now an anticipated challenge between Alberta and B.C. over oil, intergovernmental relations in Canada are tense. This week on The House we talk to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe about his own court challenge, and where federal-provincial relations go from here. We also ask Sen. Frances Lankin about Bill C-69. Finally, we talk about the Conservatives' strategy for Quebec with MP Gerard Deltell.

Midweek podcast: Canadians' trust in political institutions is dwindling, says survey

This week, The House is all about trust. An annual survey of Canadians conducted by Proof Strategies suggests that overall trust in Canadian institutions is deteriorating. Senior vice president with Proof Greg MacEachern is here to break down where Canadians are losing trust.

The House: Rising waters across Canada

This week on The House, we talk to Climate Change Ambassador Patricia Fuller about how to prevent flooding in an era of climate change and natural disasters. We speak to the Japanese ambassador ahead of bilateral meetings between Japan and Canada's prime ministers and finally, we talk about the Green Party's federal chances after a strong provincial showing in P.E.I.

Midweek podcast: P.E.I. makes history

Prince Edward Island elected its first minority government ever and made the Greens the official opposition for the first time anywhere in Canada. Chris Hall talks to University of P.E.I. political science professor Don Desserud about the election results and what they might mean for the upcoming federal election. 

The House: Halifax incidents raise questions about racism in Canada

This week on The House, we look ahead to Tuesday's provincial election in Prince Edward Island with two of the party leaders. We also explore racial profiling in Canada with Senator Wanda Bernard. And we ask our In House panel to recap the Alberta election and what to expect in October's federal one.

The House: The race to lead Alberta

Alberta's economy is still limping after years of economic setbacks and there is a palpable sense of anger about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion being delayed. Rachel Notley and her New Democratic Party are trying to hold onto power after breaking through in the last election; United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney is vowing to eliminate the carbon tax and take the fight to Ottawa. Whoever wins, the results will have major implications nationally and may foreshadow how Fall's federal election unfolds. Chris Hall explores the key issues with citizens, NDP leader Rachel Notley and two UCP candidates.

Midweek podcast: Division in Alberta

This week, The House is in Alberta to explore the big issues in the provincial election. We talk to political scientist Lori Williams and Alberta Beef Producers chair Charlie Christie about the tone of politics, and what they're expecting.

The House: Recruiting the two ex-Liberals

This week on The House, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talks about his time in the House of Commons, his plan for the environment and the SNC-Lavalin matter. We also talk about the carbon tax with Minister Catherine McKenna. Finally, MP John McKay fills us in on Russia's activity in the Arctic.