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CBC Radio's The House: Justin Trudeau talks COVID, convoys and chaos

On this week’s show:

Trudeau defends vax mandates, Emergencies Act decision, in interview

Justin Trudeau says people who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must accept the consequences of those decisions, including lost employment and restricted access to transportation and other services.

Trudeau says passport delays are 'unacceptable,' promises the government will 'step up'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is promising to do more to fix what he calls an "unacceptable" state of affairs at the country's passport offices that have been overwhelmed in recent days as thousands of Canadians scramble to get their hands on the necessary documents before travelling abroad.

O'Toole claims Chinese interference in 2021 election flipped Tory ridings — but experts urge caution

Former Conservative leader Erin O'Toole argues interference from China, spreading anti-Conservative misinformation, played a role in losing several ridings in the last federal election.

Erin O'Toole wants his party to find a 'balance' between conservatism and populism. What if it doesn't?

Erin O’Toole, who was dumped as Conservative leader in February, sounds a little bit worried. But his concerns might eventually point to a very big question for moderate Conservatives.

CBC Radio's The House: After rejection comes reflection for Erin O'Toole

On this week’s show: Erin O’Toole opens up about the challenges he faced as Conservative leader and the party dynamics at play in the race to choose his replacement. Plus — two journalists break down the latest in that campaign and Business Council of Canada CEO Goldy Hyder offers his take on the fight against inflation. Then, the captain of a British navy vessel details her ship’s extended Canadian visit this summer.

Immigration minister says he's working on a faster path to permanence for temporary residents

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says his government is preparing to create a program that would help to speed up the process of turning newcomers in Canada under temporary permits into permanent residents.

CBC Radio's The House: Backlogs, backlogs, backlogs

On this week’s show: Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie talks about the long delays at Toronto Pearson airport. Migration expert Andrew Selee discusses an agreement on migration signed by leaders at the Summit of the Americas. Plus — The House digs deep into immigration policy in Canada, hearing from immigrants, experts and minister Sean Fraser. And two food policy experts weigh in on the growing global food problem caused by the war in Ukraine.

When it comes to stopping gun violence, it's all about the border, critics say

Critics of the government's proposed new restrictions on firearms in Canada say gun smuggling from the United States remains a key factor in the problem of gun violence in this country.

CBC Radio's The House: Big moves on guns, drugs

On this week’s show: An NDP MP discusses his defeated proposal to decriminalize drug possession across the country. A mother whose son was killed in a shooting, a border community leader, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and his Conservative critic Raquel Dancho all weigh in on the problem of gun violence and firearms smuggling in Canada. Plus — two journalists talk about the Ontario election and its implications for the federal Conservative leadership race.

CBC Radio's The House: Weathering more storms

On this week’s show: Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair talks about how Canada can get ready for the next big storm. Three strategists discuss the final days of the Ontario election. Plus — teenagers weigh in on a proposal to lower the voting age to 16, a law professor discusses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s next Supreme Court pick and communications expert Andrew MacDougall talks about Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal.

Canada needs a 'more consistent' presence in North to bolster security, Inuit leader says

Duane Smith, chair and CEO of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, said the Arctic is the "backdoor into Canada" and his community has been on the "front lines" of Canadian sovereignty.

The Trudeau government isn't using all the tools to protect Canadians from inflation, economist says

The federal government says many of the factors driving inflation are beyond its control, which is true. But one economist says Ottawa isn't doing all it could to mitigate the burden on low-income households.

CBC Radio's The House: Wild rose ruckus

On this week’s show: Former Alberta premier Alison Redford talks about Jason Kenney’s decision to resign as leader of the UCP once a new leader is chosen. Two experts discuss the government’s move to ban Huawei from this country’s telecom industry. Plus — Duane Smith of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation discusses how Canada can secure its Arctic sovereignty, two economists talk about the threat of inflation and the CBC’s Murray Brewster describes his weeks of reporting in war-torn Ukraine.

CBC Radio's The House: On Russia's doorstep

On this week’s show: Latvia’s PM discusses the strength of the NATO alliance in the Baltic states, and host Chris Hall visits a Ukrainian family newly arrived in Ottawa. Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne talks about his recent efforts to bring Canada’s auto industry into the electric era. Plus — Conservative Party members react to this week’s leadership debate, and an EU official details how lawmakers abroad are tackling online hate.

CBC Radio's The House: New world disorder

On this week’s show: International Trade Minister Mary Ng discusses meetings with her American counterpart and the idea of “friend-shoring.” In a special report, the CBC’s Raffy Boudjikanian examines what the potential end of Roe v. Wade means for Canada. Plus — two journalists break down the first week of campaigning in the Ontario provincial election and Bill Fox talks about his new book on the changes social media has wrought in politics and journalism.

Canada and the U.S. are looking for 'friendly' trading partners in a perilous world

The war in Ukraine, China's pressure campaign against Taiwan and other threats to international stability have led many countries to attempt to insulate supply chains through friendly countries. Should Canada and the U.S. consider a common approach to trade with autocracies?

CBC Radio's The House: Committing to continental defence

On this week’s show: Defence Minister Anita Anand details Canada’s commitments to Ukraine and continental defence. Two experts weigh in on efforts to investigate the government's use of the Emergencies Act. Plus — The House offers a special report on Jason Kenney’s leadership review, a former UN aid official discusses the potential for a global food crisis and NDP MP Randall Garrison talks about the end of restrictions on blood donations based on gender and sexual orientation.

U.S. ambassador says he's confident Canada will strengthen its defences in the Arctic

The United States' top diplomat in Ottawa says he’s been assured Canada will follow through this year on crucial investments to modernize its Arctic defence, even though this month’s budget didn’t include money specifically for that work.

CBC Radio's The House: America's man in Ottawa

On this week’s show: U.S. Ambassador David Cohen discusses the state of the Canadian-American relationship and his country’s expectations on defence spending. Former tech executive Jim Balsillie examines Canada’s approach to innovation and its new budget promises. Plus — two journalists break down the state of the Conservative leadership race and former foreign affairs minister Pierre Pettigrew offers his take on France’s presidential election.

As Halifax turns into a housing hot spot, many look to Ottawa for relief

Halifax has become the centre of a housing affordability crisis in Atlantic Canada, and many are hoping that new money from the federal government can help cool down the red-hot market.

CBC Radio's The House: House hunters

On this week’s show: The House is in Halifax to dig into the issue of housing affordability, which is reaching crisis levels in the Nova Scotia capital.

CBC Radio's The House: Dollars and sense?

On this week’s show: Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland details the federal budget she presented this week, and Conservative finance critic Ed Fast responds to the government’s plans. Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart discusses how the budget’s measures can cool his city’s red-hot housing market. Plus — three experts break down the document as a whole, and stakeholders weigh in on how the budget compares to what they hoped to see.

CBC Radio's The House: Canada to the defence

On this week’s show: Ukrainian MP Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze details the pleas her colleagues have made to the PM for more support. CBC’s Vassy Kapelos reports on the refugee crisis unfolding on the ground in Poland. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh lays out his party’s budget expectations for investments in health care and housing. Plus — ahead of next week’s budget, a dive into what’s on the shopping list for the military and a look at Canada’s fiscal capacity.

No reason to trust Russian rhetoric, says UN ambassador Bob Rae

Canada's ambassador to the UN Bob Rae says he doesn't believe a word that Russia says when it comes to it's invasion of Ukraine, arguing that the international community must make the cost of ongoing conflict clear to President Putin.