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The House for Feb. 4, 2023

This week on The House: The Liberals' gun control plan in turmoil; the question of how major health care negotiations will play out; and a deep dive into the revival of Canada's interest in space.

The U.S. says the Wagner Group is a transnational criminal organization. Here's why

The U.S. Treasury Department this week designated the Wagner Group a significant transnational criminal organization — part of an effort to crack down on an entity responsible for a growing number of atrocities in Ukraine. But what is the Wagner Group and what role does it play in Russia's war plans?

The House for Jan. 28, 2023

This week on The House: The debate over a major telecom merger and government consulting contracts; a deep look into the Russian mercenary Wagner Group; a fight over who should be held liable for the convoy protests and an attempt to quantify the costs of misinformation.

'Deny, deflect, distract': How Russia spreads disinformation about the war in Ukraine

The organization StopFake.org is behind a concerted counterattack against a Russian disinformation campaign focused on the war in Ukraine.

'Someone will kill me': Former Afghan MP fears her fate if she can't come to Canada

In less than two years, Gulalai Mohammadi has gone from being Afghanistan’s youngest MP to a life in hiding under the Taliban — and a constant fear of becoming the next prominent Afghan woman to be assassinated.

The House for Jan. 21, 2023

This week on The House: The debate over privatization in health care; allegations of judicial interference against Danielle Smith’s office; threats to the lives of female Afghan MPs and the fight against Russian disinformation.

CBC Radio's The House: Trudeau grapples with the problem of Haiti

On this week’s show: Canada’s ambassador to the UN Bob Rae discusses the situation in Haiti and what sort of role this country might play. The House hears from a Nova Scotian whose mother-in-law died after a lengthy ER wait, and two experts weigh in on how to get more family doctors into the health-care system. Plus — journalists Shannon Proudfoot and Paul Wells analyze what former finance minister Bill Morneau’s book says about the prime minister’s approach to governing.

CBC Radio's The House: What would it take to end Canada's travel headaches?

On this week’s show: Transport Minister Omar Alghabra discusses significant delays and cancellations of planes and trains over the holidays, and The House hears from those fighting for accountability for Flight PS752. Plus — Ambassador Kirsten Hillman talks about the effect of a new U.S. Congress on Canada-U.S. relations, and political strategists Dennis Matthews and Dan Arnold analyze the impact of Pierre Poilievre’s “everything feels broken” slogan.

CBC Radio's The House — Tears, texts, tension: highlights of the truck convoy inquiry

On this week’s show: The six weeks of the Emergencies Act inquiry saw dozens of witnesses testify about their role in the convoy protests that gripped Canada last winter. The CBC’s Janyce McGregor followed every day of the inquiry and walks through the moments that mattered most in a special edition of The House.

CBC Radio's The House: Test your knowledge with our 2022 quiz

From the federal government’s historic and hotly debated decision to invoke the Emergencies Act to Russia’s war on Ukraine and the economic angst that followed — so much happened in 2022, it can be hard to keep track. But how many headlines do you remember from the past 12 months?

Activists, experts say there's still hope for a breakthrough at COP15

Between claims that negotiations are moving far too slowly and a mid-week walkout by a group of developing nations, there are ample reasons to worry that the world won't come to an agreement to protect biodiversity at COP15 in Montreal.

CBC Radio's The House: Hope for nature at Montreal's COP15

On this week’s show: The House travels to Montreal to talk with experts and decision makers at the COP15 biodiversity conference, including Kenyan coral reef scientist David Obura, former top COP negotiator Tim Hodges, academic and Amazon activist Alicia Guzmán León, Indigenous biodiversity expert Tyson Atleo, Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and German representative Jochen Flasbarth.

Some guns used for hunting may still fall under firearms ban, Liberal MP says

Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed says the government's controversial firearms legislation is not trying to target hunters and farmers — but some guns commonly used by them may still be banned.

U.S. envoy hails Canada's pivot on China, says Ottawa has 'woken up'

The U.S. has been unnerved by Canada's attitude toward China. But the U.S. ambassador says that's changing — that Ottawa has 'woken up' to the geopolitical challenge ahead, and hailed it as a pivot. He saluted several recent moves. Next up, possibly, is a registry of foreign agents in Canada.

CBC Radio's The House: Liberals face more outcry over gun bill

On this week’s show: Chief Kyra Wilson of Long Plain First Nation talks about her efforts to push forward a search for the remains of missing women in Winnipeg. The House speaks to the owner of a gun range in Calgary about what concerns him in the government's new firearms law, and Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed defends his party’s efforts. Plus — an in-depth conversation with U.S. Ambassador David Cohen about Canada’s approach to China and his first year in Ottawa.

'Confrontational approach' not best way forward for Albertan economy, says Calgary business association head

Danielle Smith's recently introduced Alberta Sovereignty Act doesn't bode well for the province's economy, says Deborah Yedlin, president and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Strategists Zain Velji and Melissa Caouette unpack the politics behind the controversial legislation.

CBC Radio's The House: Unprecedented powers for Alberta

On this week’s show: The CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and two political strategists talk about the Alberta Sovereignty Act. The head of a gun control group discusses the uproar over amendments to a firearms bill. Experts Vina Nadjibulla and Jeff Nankivell analyze Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy. Plus — the EU executive’s vice-president outlines Europe’s energy needs in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Will Danielle Smith's sovereignty act find support among Albertans?

Topping Premier Danielle Smith list of legislative priorities is the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act, a way for Alberta to refuse to enforce federal laws the province finds jurisdictionally intrusive. But neither Smith, nor the Act, appear to have strong support in the polls.

CBC Radio's The House: Trudeau takes the stand at the Emergencies Act inquiry

On this week’s show: The prime minister appeared at the Emergencies Act inquiry — journalists Tonda MacCharles and Paul Wells discuss his testimony. Then, the mayor of a town devastated by floods reacts to the new National Adaptation Strategy. Plus — Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault explain how they’ll co-lead the Greens, The House looks into Alberta’s upcoming Sovereignty Act and Estonian President Alar Karis discusses Russian aggression.

Estonia's president warns of Russia's 'imperial' ambitions

'This imperial gene is there, so you can silence it for a while or suppress it, but at some point, it will activate again,' said Estonian President Alar Karis in conversation with Catherine Cullen, host of The House. Karis, whose small Baltic country shares almost 300 kilometres of border with Russia, warned about Russia's threat to the region.

CBC Radio's The House: The fight against Russian aggression, Chinese interference

On this week’s show: On the sidelines of the Halifax Security Forum, The House speaks with a troop commander fighting for Ukraine about the stakes for her country, U.S. senators James Risch and Jeanne Shaheen about American military aid, and Anita Anand on Canada’s contributions. Two experts break down the threat of Chinese espionage and election interference. Plus — journalists Susan Delacourt and Stuart Thomson discuss Trudeau’s G20 encounter with Xi and amplification of misinformation on Iran.

Environment minister says he's not bothered by oil sector's prominence at COP27

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says Canadians should pay attention to the action on climate change being taken by the international community — not the presence of hundreds of oil and gas representatives at COP27.

CBC Radio's The House: Kids stuck in hospital, negotiations stuck in the mud

On this week’s show: The head of a children’s hospital talks about his efforts to cope with rising admissions, and health columnist André Picard explains developments in ongoing funding negotiations. From the sidelines of COP27, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault discusses his government’s emissions plan. Plus — historian Anne Applebaum talks about what a possible end to the conflict in Ukraine might look like.

CBC Radio's The House: Is Freeland doing enough for struggling Canadians?

On this week’s show: The House hears from a Canadian struggling to keep up with rising costs and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland details the government’s plan for the economy. Extremism expert Barbara Perry discusses what she saw this week at the Emergencies Act inquiry. Plus — the CBC’s Jennifer Chevalier takes an in-depth look at the debate over the notwithstanding clause, and two experts analyze the potential effects of new immigration targets.

The MP to mayor pipeline: Why so many provincial and federal politicians are heading to city hall

Dozens of new mayors recently elected in municipal races across the country previously served as MPs or members of provincial legislatures.