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A parade of critics: How Andrew Scheer's views on same-sex marriage still divide his own party

This week on The House, Chris Hall meets new Conservative deputy leader Leona Alleslev, who defends Andrew Scheer's right to his own personal beliefs on same-sex marriage. But it's a position Rachel Curran, a key adviser to former prime minister Stephen Harper, calls a "deal-breaker" for her and other party supporters. Also, on the one-year anniversary of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s arrest, Chris Hall speaks with Alykhan Velshi, vice-president of corporate affairs for Huawei Technologies Canada, and Susan Gregson, retired Canadian diplomat, China expert and senior fellow at the University of Ottawa.

Looking back on a 'difficult year' of tensions with China

The downward spiral of Canada's relationship with China started one year ago — and experts say there's still a lot to do to get it back on track.

Chrystia Freeland and the fate of the federation

This week on The House: Canada’s new deputy prime minister and intergovernmental affairs minister Chrystia Freeland tells host Chris Hall about the challenges involved in cooling down Canada’s simmering regional tensions. Rookie Oakville MP Anita Anand talks about taking a seat at the cabinet table. Conservative foreign affairs critic Erin O’Toole weighs in on Canada’s decision to support a UN resolution in favour of the Palestinian right to self-determination and Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, Nunavut’s new NDP MP, talks about her priorities and what other young women could learn from her.

Phoenix pay debacle top-of-mind for new public services minister

Canada's new minister of public services and procurement says she's ready to get to work on the pressing issues in her ministry — most notably the failed Phoenix pay system for public servants.

Conservative critic accuses Liberals of deploying 'childish diplomacy' at the UN

The Canadian government’s decision this week to support a pro-Palestinian UN resolution in hopes of sending U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a message amounted to “childish diplomacy,” said Conservative MP Erin O’Toole.

Saskatchewan's rough ride

This week on The House, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joins host Chris Hall to talk about what he has labelled an unsatisfactory meeting this week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Tom Devine talks about Canada's whistleblower protection rules and Chris Hall talks to two strategists who have been behind-the-scenes when prime ministers choose a cabinet.

Why can't we be friends? Working in a minority government

This week on The House, Liberal Whip Mark Holland talks about how his party will manage the challenges of working across the aisle. P.E.I. Premier Dennis King walks us through his advice to the prime minister on working in his own minority government. Finally, interim Green Party Leader Jo-Ann Roberts chats with host Chris Hall about her tasks going forward in Elizabeth May's place.

The future of social conservatism in Canada

This week on The House, we talk to a Conservative strategist and a member of Campaign Life Coalition about whether Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's stance on social issues cost him votes. We dive into the Wexit debate with two former MPs from Alberta. And: A political researcher shares her thoughts on Parliament's record when it comes to electing women.

The election is over - what happens next?

This week on The House, defeated cabinet minster Ralph Goodale talks about where the Liberals went wrong and what's next for him. Three party strategists walk us through the workings of a minority Parliament. And we talk to three MPs about how pipelines and the environment will factor into this session.

Trapped in the 'bubble': Why has the 2019 campaign ignored foreign policy?

This week on The House, we hear from international-relations experts who lament the lack of attention foreign policy issues have gotten during the federal election campaign. We take a look at the fight for votes in Winnipeg, Calgary and on Vancouver Island. And our CBC reporters help make sense of a 40-day campaign that looks like it will end in a minority government.

The battle for votes in Quebec

This week The House heads to Quebec to hear from voters and politicians in key ridings across the province. Federal party leaders need to win over Quebeckers to win the election and there are many tight three-way races in the province’s 78 ridings. Polls suggest the political ground is shifting in La Belle Province, with the Bloc Québécois on the rise and New Democrats sinking. The Liberals and Conservatives are fighting to hold the seats they won in 2015.

Could Quebec's secularism law resonate in the rest of Canada?

This week on The House, we look at how the rest of Canada views Quebec's religious symbols bill. We do a feature interview with Elizabeth May on the Green Party platform. Two candidates debate the merits and pitfalls of addressing the opioid crisis. Finally, two journalists break down the French language debate from this week and the ramifications of a Bloc surge.

The path to votes in New Brunswick

This special edition of The House from New Brunswick tackles the economy, cost of living, immigration and Indigenous reconciliation.

The different faces of Justin Trudeau

This week on The House, we talk about Justin Trudeau's blackface photos with candidates, journalists and other experts. We also kick off our round of federal leader interviews with the NDP's Jagmeet Singh and PPC leader Maxime Bernier.

How the parties deal with fizzles and flops on the campaign trail

This week on The House: How do the parties deal with crisis during the campaign? And why do candidates with questionable pasts often slip past vetters? We ask strategists from the parties. We examine the broken promise of electoral reform and hear from our In House panel about the federal leaders' debate.

Will Quebec's Bill 21 factor into the federal election?

This week on The House, three Quebec MPs join us to debate the province's controversial religious symbols legislation. We wade into the week's drama between the Greens and NDP in New Brunswick. Finally, Jean Charest talks about the appointment of a new ambassador to China.

Tory government would stand against divisive social issues legislation, deputy leader says

This week on The House, deputy Conservative Party leader Lisa Raitt joins us to talk about Andrew Scheer's latest comments on same-sex marriage. A panel of undecided voters is here to talk climate change. And two political strategists walk us through the pros and cons of the parties' election slogans for 2019.

The 'Jihadi Jack' debate: Who has a right to come back to Canada?

This week on The House, we discuss whether Jack Letts should be repatriated to Canada with two global security experts. We look at the government's new international development funding with Minister Maryam Monsef. And Rachel Giese joins us to talk about the resurfacing of an anti-same-sex marriage speech by Andrew Scheer.

SNC-Lavalin, take two

This week on The House, MPs Jane Philpott and Marc Miller join us to talk about the SNC-Lavalin report. We take a look at the situation in Hong Kong, and get the latest on the Manitoba provincial election. Finally, the strategists are back to look ahead to the writ drop.

Fitting the workforce for a green economy

This week on The House, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May talks about part of her platform for the election. Former G7 sherpa Peter Boehm looks ahead to this month's summit. What happens to citizens and the government in the digital age? Two experts join us. Finally, we look at the debate over gun control with three MPs.

Nation-building in the North

This week on The House, Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq joins us to discuss the North's priorities for the upcoming election. We get a NAFTA update from experts on both sides of the border. And Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale talks about what the Five Eyes nations accomplished at their meeting this week.

How the SNC-Lavalin affair could affect the Indigenous vote

This week on The House: Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde talks about what Indigenous voters want out of this election. U.K. professor Simon Usherwood walks us through what Prime Minister Boris Johnson could mean for Canada. And what impact might the Mueller hearings have on the upcoming Democratic debates in the U.S.? Author Nancy L. Cohen joins us for her take.

Why China is so focused on Canada's election

This week on The House, Japanese Ambassador Kimihiro Ishikane talks about what his country has learned from dealing with China. We also speak to Rear-Admiral Jennifer Bennett about the new settlement for sexual assault victims in the military. Finally, we look at President Trump's racist tweets and identity politics with professor Victoria Esses.

Premiers leave Council of the Federation in unity... mostly

This week on The House, CBC senior reporter Salimah Shivji gives a debrief on the premiers' meeting. We talk about the controversial expansion of the Chateau Laurier with architectural historian Peter Coffman. Cartoonist Michael de Adder defends his Trump cartoon and finally, we look at the significance of putting neo-Nazi groups on the terrorist list with national security expert Leah West.

How will premiers keep a provincial focus with a federal vote looming?

This week on The House, B.C. Premier John Horgan joins us to look ahead to next week's premiers' meeting. We look at the stakes for Canadians in Hong Kong amid protests over extradition laws with an activist. Finally, are political cartoons a dying medium? We talk to a communications professor about up-and-coming memes.