Prebiotic. Probiotic. These labels are popping up on all sorts of food products, but do they actually help your intestines do their thing?
(Ben Shannon/CBC)
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This week, go with your gut. The words 'prebiotic' and 'probiotic' are on the labels of everything from yogurt to cake mix to tea these days, claiming to be 'good for your gut' — but do they really work, or are they just advertising buzzwords? This week, a look inside the food industry's $40 billion battle to, uh, move us.

  • Prebiotic fibre to the rescue! The Chufa Co founder Andrea Orazi on how a sick day in Barcelona led to Toronto's first tigernut startup.
  • ​Get to know your microbiome! A gut health primer from the University of Calgary's Marie-Claire Arrieta
  • Before s'mores, graham crackers were a dry, sugarless snack designed to improve digestion. ​Medical historian James Whorton on the surprising history of the whole wheat cracker, breakfast cereal and yogurt.
  • Trendologist Kara Nielsen on how yogurt went from niche health food to breakfast staple. 
  • Mike Bush, president of Ganeden Probiotics, on how his company is putting probiotics where they've never been before.
  • Make your own yogurt? Podcast Playlist host Lindsay Michael does, with the culture that her grandmother brought with her from Syria decades ago.