Avoid salespeople at all costs

Arthur Simeon takes stock of Deborah Kimmett's uprising against supersizing.
(Pexels.com / CC0 License)

In a world of upgrading, upselling and generally upsetting customers, is it time salespeople were boycotted?

With her money on "yes" is Deborah Kimmett—and that's all the money she's got left after her last trip to the mechanic. 

I went in for what was supposed to be a $49 oil change and it ended up costing me $459. How much lube does one person need? Don't answer that, Arthur.- Deborah Kimmett

Indeed, Arthur Simeon doesn't mind the occasional greasy experience with a salesperson. For all the bad ones, there are talented ones showing him something he has failed to appreciate.

Throw pillows? No one needs throw pillows. But a salesperson is going to convince you your bed and your couch needs pillows you only throw away.- Arthur Simeon

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