Peanut butter is superior to jam

Sean Cullen and Dave Hemstad suss out the superior spread: is it peanut butter or jam?

In this deliciously controversial discussion, Dave Hemstad defends peanut butter, while Seán Cullen argues that it's the jelly that really sweetens the deal.

Dave Hemstad's argument is smooth as peanut butter, as he warns his opponent and the audience to beware the "red death."

Jam is made of nasty fruit, low-hanging fruit. Maybe they were good fruits once, but they fell in with the wrong crowd. - Dave Hemstad

And Seán Cullen explains why jelly is his jam—without sugar-coating.

A tiny atom of this filthy substance is enough to annihilate a preschooler. How can anyone support this foul paste?- Sean Cullen

You'll love the spread these two comedians prepared for your enjoyment.