Being introverted is better

This debate isn't short on personality—featuring Darcy Michael and Kaitlin Shuvera.
(Photo by p.parnxoxo via Unsplash CC0)

Is it better to be an extrovert or an introvert? Darcy Michael and Kaitlin Shuvera aren't shy to present their arguments on the superior personality trait.

Darcy Michael, a self-proclaimed ashamed extrovert, expresses his envy for introverts.

Introverts are great listeners, whereas us extroverts just pretend to listen—but really all we're doing is waiting for whoever's talking to shut up, so we can tell our much better story.- Darcy Michael

But Kaitlin Shuvera thinks being an extrovert is extra helpful for one's health… and wallet.

Extroverts have a lot of friends so they save money on therapy bills, because they don't have to pay someone listen to... how they don't have a lot of friends.- Kaitlin Shuvera

Whichever side you take, you can't deny it—this debate is full of personality!