The Debaters

A trip to the dump is the best family outing

Don Kelly and Kate Davis take out the trash when they debate there’s no better outing for a family than going to the dump.

Whereas the landfill is a place of valuable treasures and fascinating trash, be it resolved there is no better outing for the whole family than a trip to the dump.

First Nations comedian Don Kelly tries to bulldoze his opponent by explaining that searching through a landfill is a great source of fun!

As a young boy growing up on the reserve we didn't have the same entertainment you city folks do like IMAX movies and computer games or running water. We made our own entertainment!- Don Kelly

But Kate Davis raises a stink at the idea of anything good coming from garbage.

My husband's the type who always comes home from the dump or "Bed Bugs and Beyond" as I like to call it with décor crimes of the past… lava lamps and yellow steel-toe Viking rubber boots.- Kate Davis

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