The moose is more Canadian than the beaver

Moose-lover Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) behooves Craig Lauzon (Royal Canadian Air Farce) to damn the beaver as Canada's national animal.
(Ryan Hagerty [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

A moose lover is on the loose—but he goes by Cardinal.

Corner Gas's Lorne Cardinal has taken Prince George to tell Royal Canadian Air Farce's Craig Lauzon that the moose, not the beaver, deserves to be Canada's national animal.

According to Lorne, there can only be one.

Moose are so good they don't even need plurals. If you say mooses or meece , you're probably a beaver.- Lorne Cardinal

But Craig Lauzon loves the flat-tailed, and he's too industrious to be caught flat-footed.

What can a moose make, other than 50 pounds of fecal matter a day? Nothing. But a little ten-pound beaver works day-in and day-out, building structures so impressive we call them "Dayyms!"- Craig Lauzon

Which animal will take this debate Lorne Cardinal or Craig Lauzon? It's your national duty to find out.