The sun is better than the moon

DeAnne Smith tries to eclipse Don Kelly with her hot takes on the sun.
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In August 2017, Canadians gazed skyward to see a rare, majestic crossing of sun and moon. In November 2017, they decided which celestial body was superior.

Sun-warrior DeAnne Smith shines bright in this debate, enforcing the kingdom of the sun.

The sun rules all life on this planet. What does the moon rule? Werewolves and menstrual cycles.- DeAnne Smith

Indeed, Don Kelly does make the audience howl. And he won't comment on the second part. Either way, his funny is fuelled by the power of moonshine.

One inspires us, the other injures us. Gaze at the moon, get a poem and a song. Stare at the sun, get a dog and a cane.- Don Kelly

Who will this audience look up to? Well, look up and hit play!