The Debaters

Be it resolved: Every Canadian should skate

Lace up with Jon Steinberg and Ron Sparks for one of the sharpest debates of the season.
(Skating on the Rideau Canal, painting by Canadian artist Terry Ananny)

Should every Canadian learn to skate? Lace up with Jon Steinberg and Ron Sparks for one of the sharpest debates of the season.

Jon feels our frozen sport has certain a cool-factor.

Skates are basically shoes with knives on them.- Jon Steinberg

Meanwhile, Ron goes toe-pick-to-toe-pick with Jon, asking him what he means by suggesting every Canadian should skate. 

Are you in a hospital with machines breathing for you? Too bad, granny! Jon says you've gotta skate!- Source

Who will win this battle of the blades? Hit the ice with our debaters now!