The Debaters

The cow is superior to the chicken

This one's a real barnburner: cows versus chickens, featuring Mike Wilmot and Nikki Payne.

Whereas the cow is a mammal and the chicken is a bird, be it resolved that the cow is superior to the chicken. Comedians Nikki Payne and Mike Wilmot are breaking all the rurals as they argue in favour of their favourite farm animal.

When it comes to the cow, Mike Wilmot's points are sharp, aggressive and raw. 

"Cow meat remains number one, and just as is! Cut it in half and grill 'er up, beef tartare! That's a raw cow, you can eat it! Raw chicken, dead in a week." - Mike Wilmot

Whereas Nikki Payne calls "bull" on the superiority of the cow.

 "Sure cows are sacred in India, but chickens are sacred in Kentucky!" - Nikki Payne

Who should rise to top of the pecking order and rejoice with udder enjoyment? Hit play and tell us below!