Fog is wonderful

Graham Chittenden will never settle with fog, but to James Mullinger it's clear why fog can't be missed.
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Fog is a fact of life for many Canadians, especially in autumn, but what we make of it is still obscure.

According to James Mullinger, Atlantic tourism rests entirely on a thick sheet of moisture.

What do tourists come here for? Our lighthouses. And why do we have lighthouses? ...The fog! Without the fog, we'd all be screwed. - James Mullinger

But fog foe Graham Chittenden finds that argument thick and dense. He reminds James how fog nearly blanketed their debate.

You barely made it here to debate fog because of fog. That's like getting so hammered, you sleep through your AA meeting.- Graham Chittenden

Don't have the foggiest idea who will win? Clear it up and hit play now!