Bottles are better than cans

Ron Sparks gets all bottled up when Candy Palmater explains why you can't spell her name without "can".
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Whereas the bottle says class and the can says crass, be it resolved that the bottle is superior to the can. It's a resolution that brings a whole new meaning to the term Can-con. 

Can-do CBC personality Candy Palmater can get behind a lot of things, but she can't get behind this resolution.

You guys know I'm a lawyer, I could argue to the cows come home, but there's really only one argument to be had: Somebody show me how you shotgun a bottle of beer.- Candy Palmater

Meanwhile, Ron Sparks isn't a lawyer, but his logic may have also come from shotgunning a beer.

Nobody wants to build a ship in a can. And even if you did make one, no one would believe you!- Ron Sparks

Who will crack open this debate? Drink it up now!