The Debaterswith Steve Patterson


Realtors are the unsung heroes of the city

Elvira Kurt and realtor Bernie Barnum (played by Patrick McKenna) curb their appeal when they discuss if real estate agents receive the recognition they deserve.

Nothing beats a parade!

Dave Hemstad and Jean Paul float some great arguments by their Toronto audience over the notion of parades being the best!

Nov 17, 2018: Parades and Realtors

Dave Hemstad and Jean Paul drum up support in their debate on parades. Then, Elvira Kurt and real estate agent Bernie Barnum (played by Patrick McKenna) get real about realtors.

Upcoming Live Shows - North Vancouver Nov 20 & 21, 2018

The Debaters are coming to North Vancouver, BC on November 20 & 21, 2018!

Victoria should not be the capital of British Columbia

Charlie Demers, with the help of a surprise guest, tries to convince Victoria-native Katie-Ellen Humphries why her hometown should no longer be BC’s capital.

eSports are indeed sports

Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) and Kyle Bottom try to joy-stick it to one another when they discuss if electronic sports, also known as “eSports”, should get the recognition they deserve.

Nov 14, 2018: eSports & Victoria Capital of BC

Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) and Kyle Bottom push each other’s buttons when they debate if competitive video games should be considered real sports. Then, Charlie Demers and Katie-Ellen Humphries get political over whether Victoria should be the capital of BC.

Teachers should educate kids about the birds and the bees

It’s the mother of all debates when father Charlie Demers and educator John Cullen discuss if teachers—and not parents—should educate kids about the birds and the bees.

Red wine is superior to white wine

Graham Chittenden and Kate Davis pair wonderfully with their St. Catharines, Ontario crowd for their debate on red wine vs. white wine.

Nov 10, 2018: Red Wine vs. White Wine & Birds and the Bees

Kate Davis and Graham Chittenden refuse to put a cork in it when they debate if red wine is superior to white wine. Then, school’s in when Charlie Demers and John Cullen voice their support for who should have “the talk” with kids: parents or teachers.

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Love songs are the worst songs

Leonard Chan and Dean Jenkinson try to strike a power chord with their Winnipeg audience on the importance of love songs.

A bird is a wonderful pet

Carole Cunningham and Lara Rae get cagey over whether or not a bird makes a good pet.

Nov 7, 2018: Birds as Pets & Love Songs Suck

Carole Cunningham and Lara Rae ruffle each other’s feathers when they debate if birds make great pets. Then, Leonard Chan and Dean Jenkinson hit all the right notes when they discuss love songs.

Meat from the wild is superior to meat from the store

Paul Rabliuaskas and Jenny Hamilton have free range to roast one another when they fight for the best source for quality meats: the wild or the grocery store.

A visit to Yellowknife should be on everyone's bucket list

Derek Seguin and Yellowknifer Karen O’Keefe try to out-arctic fox each other over whether or not every Canadian should visit Yellowknife at least once in their life.

Nov 3, 2018: Yellowknife Bucket List & Wild Meat

Derek Seguin and Karen O’Keefe ice-fish for applause when they discuss if Yellowknife should be on every Canadian’s bucket list. Then, Paul Rabliauskas and Jenny Hamilton aim for victory in their debate on wild meat versus store meat.

We should stop building statues

Patrick Ledwell and Abdul Butt are putting their arguments on a pedestal when they question if we should stop building statues.

A robot romantic partner is a good option

There’s no replica for Joe Vu and Kate Davis’ debate on whether or not a robot would make a decent boyfriend or girlfriend.

Oct 31, 2018: Robot Lover & Statues

Joe Vu and Kate Davis have a data with destiny when they discuss the idea of having robots as lovers. Then, Patrick Ledwell and Abdul Butt bust a move when they debate statues.

A trip to the dump is the best family outing

Don Kelly and Kate Davis take out the trash when they debate there’s no better outing for a family than going to the dump.

The Northern Lights are overrated

Sean Lecomber and Yumi Nagashima are highly-charged when they discuss if the Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis – aren’t worth the fuss.

Oct 27, 2018: Northern Lights & The Dump

Sean Lecomber and Yumi Nagashima are on polar opposite view points when they debate the Northern Lights. Then, Don Kelly and Kate Davis have no time to waste on the topic of going to the dump.

The nail is superior to the screw

Big Daddy Tazz and Scott Faulconbridge know the drill when they dispute whether the superior fastener is the nail or the screw.

There's no better dining experience than the food court

Yumi Nagashima and Katie-Ellen Humphries give some food for thought when they discuss if food courts are the best place to eat.