The Debaters

Vinyl is the best way to listen to music

Graham Clark and Sean Lecomber debate vinyl: Is it worth owning? Hear them needle, scratch and rip each other's arguments apart!

Graham Clark and Sean Lecomber get into the groove of debating the value of vinyl records.

According to Clark, vinyl records are essential—both for milk crate manufacturers and successful romantic evenings.

A stack of vinyl, when done right, lets a potential lover know that you're not afraid to go slow.- Graham Clark

But Sean Lecomber isn't buying Clarke's arguments—or vinyl records, for that matter.

Are you tired of getting any music you want, any time you want, and for only a few cents? Well, you're in luck, because vinyl records are 30 dollars each, bigger than any laptop, can only be listened to on one finicky machine.- Sean Lecomber

Be sure to listen to the audio above for a play-by-play description of a few gems from Graham Clarke's vinyl collection.