Are Comic Books Just For Kids? Should Body Hair Be Shaved or Celebrated?

Kyle Bottom and Paul Bae debate whether comic books are strictly for kids. Then Toby Hargrave and Darcy Michael argue about the merits of body hair.
Kyle Bottom dons red underpants in his comedic debate against Paul Bae, on the topic of "Comic Books are strictly for kids." (Paul Bae)

When it comes to comics books, is it solely the domain of children? Or is it okay for grownups to get lost in them too? Kyle Bottom is proud to be an adult fan of comic books. Paul Bae thinks they're only for children.

Is body hair something we should be diligent about removing? Or should we celebrate the hirsuit? Toby Hargrave says we should let it grow. Darcy Michael is more in favour of the man (and woman) scaping.