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April 13, 2021: Birthdays Suck & Fasting

This week, Graham Chittenden and Deborah Kimmett have their party hats on for their debate on birthdays. Then, Nour Hadidi and Ali Hassan offer an intermittent blasting of jokes when they tackle fasting.

Birthdays suck!

Graham Chittenden and Deborah Kimmett are celebrating Steve Patterson’s birthday by discussing if turning another year older is as special as everyone makes it seem.

Fasting makes you stronger

Ramadan started this week and Nour Hadidi and CBC’s Laugh Out Loud host Ali Hassan try to prove if they have the stomach for their debate on fasting.

April 2, 2021: Rabbits & Rogers Centre

Simon Rakoff and Rob Pue hop to it when they debate rabbits. Then, Peter Anthony and Chantal Desjardins try to hit one out of the park over whether or not Toronto’s Rogers Centre should be torn down.

Rabbits and hares are truly magical creatures

Just in time for Easter, Simon Rakoff and Rob Pue are all ears as they question if rabbits and hares are as wonderful as fables and folklore paint them.

The Rogers Centre should be demolished and replaced

Peter Anthony and sportscaster Chantal Desjardins are up to bat on the controversial subject of demolishing Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

March 26, 2021: Punching Up & Raccoon Mayor

In this slugfest from Season 12, Aisha Brown and Arthur Simeon debate if comedians should "punch up" and only make fun of privileged people. Then, Ron Sparks and Pat Thornton get bright eyed and bushy tailed over the idea of a raccoon becoming mayor of Toronto.

When it comes to comedy—punch up, don't punch down!

Aisha Brown and Arthur Simeon discuss if comedians should only “punch up” and make fun of privileged people like celebrities and politicians or can they "punch down" and make anyone fair game?

Toronto's next mayor should be a raccoon

Should the next mayor of Toronto be a raccoon? That’s the question Pat Thornton and Ron Sparks try to answer when they debate if these bold and assertive residents should run their city.

March 19, 2021: Popcorn vs. Chips & Jazz

Dave Hemstad and Kate Davis deliver a hilarious snack attack when they compare popcorn and chips. Then, Hunter Collins takes a swing at Sean Cullen and Mark Edwards on the subject of jazz.

Popcorn is superior to chips

Get your popcorn (and chips) ready as Dave Hemstad and Kate Davis pit two of the most popular snacks against one another!

Jazz is the world's most sophisticated form of music

Hunter Collins, Sean Cullen, and pianist Mark Edwards try to stay on the upbeat as they question the true superiority of jazz music.

March 12, 2021: Lobster & Clichés

In Season 12's cooked to perfection episode, Derek Seguin turns red when Abdul Butt lobbies against the lobster. Then, Mark Farrell thinks clichés are the cat's pyjamas, but Evany Rosen wants to be a cut above.

Clichés are out of this world!

Mark Farrell says clichés are the cat’s pyjamas, but Evany Rosen wants to be a cut above.

Lobster is the finest of dining

Derek Seguin turns red when Abdul Butt lobbies against the lobster.

March 5, 2021: Home-Cooked Meals & Truth or Dare

Home is where the laughs are when Andrew Phung and Ron Sparks take on home-cooked meals. Then, Courtney Gilmour and Chris Locke risk it all on the choice between truth or dare.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal!

It's home-cooking vs. takeout when Ron Sparks and Kim’s Convenience's Andrew Phung both fight for a seat at the dinner table in this delicious debate!

You should always pick truth over dare

Courtney Gilmour and Chris Locke are up to the challenge of answering which is superior: truth or dare.

Feb. 26, 2021: Vacuum vs. Broom & Handshakes

Derek Seguin and David Pryde have a dust-off over vacuums and brooms. And Elvira Kurt tells Tim Steeves why it’s time to wave goodbye to the handshake… forever!

The vacuum is superior to the broom

It’s Derek Seguin and David Pryde taking the floor in this all-duster filibuster!

Good riddance to the handshake!

Has the time come to permanently retire the handshake?

Feb. 19, 2021: Maid of Honour vs. Best Man & Basements

Arthur Simeon and Baroness von Sketch Show’s Caroyln Taylor ring each other’s wedding bells when they compare the maid of honour to the best man. Then, Jon Steinberg and Laurie Elliott get down and dirty on the subject of basements.