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July 1, 2022: Zed vs. Zee & Cool Moms

For The Debaters’ season finale, Lara Rae and DeAnne Smith letter rip over the best way to pronounce the letter Z. Then, Lori Gibbs and Bree Parsons deliver a motherlode of jokes on having a cool mom.

When it comes to pronunciation, Zed is superior to Zee

It’s World War Z when Lara Rae and DeAnne Smith discuss if the Canadian way to pronounce the last letter of the alphabet is superior to the American way!

Nothing beats having a cool mom

Lori Gibbs and Bree Parsons refuse to keep mum when they square off over whether it’s blessing or a curse to have a cool mom.

June 24, 2022: Destination Weddings & Canada Goose

This week from Winnipeg, Sean Cullen and Pete Zedlacher beak off debating if Canada’s National Bird should be the Canada goose. Then, in another high-flying discussion, Paul Myrehaug and Allie Pearse argue if nothing beats a destination wedding.

Nothing beats a destination wedding

Allie Pearse tells Paul Myrehaug to pack his bags when he professes his eternal love for destination weddings.

Canada's national bird should be the Canada goose

Sean Cullen comes out with flying colours speaking in favour of the Canada goose, but taking an opposing view, Pete Zedlacher ruffles a few feathers.

June 17, 2022: Adults Skateboarding & Share Your Culture

Comedy couple Tim Gray and Dana Smith take things wheelie seriously when they question if adults should skateboard. Then, Don Kelly and Chad Anderson are tra-dition out the facts and funny on the topic of sharing your culture.

Adults should not skateboard

Tim Gray and Dana Smith, who memorably debated marriage and ended up actually getting married on the show, are back to the grind to take on adults skateboarding.

It's always worthwhile to share your culture

Don Kelly and Chad Anderson deliver a custom-made performance on whether or not it's beneficial to share your culture.

June 10, 2022: Lemonade vs. Iced Tea & Winnie the Pooh

Dean Jenkinson and Katie-Ellen Humphries deliver refreshing performances when they fight over the superior summertime beverage. Then, Big Daddy Tazz and Todd Graham can’t bear to lose in their debate on Winnie the Pooh.

Lemonade is the superior summer beverage to iced tea

Attitudes sour when Dean Jenkinson tells Katie-Ellen Humphries that lemonade is superior to iced tea.

Life's most important lessons can be found in Winnie the Pooh

Go down a rabbit hole with Big Daddy Tazz and Todd Graham as they take on Winnie the Pooh.

June 3, 2022: Big Family vs. Small Family & Golf Courses

It’s all in the family when Ali Hassan and Sophie Buddle discuss the best family size. Then, Paul Myrehaug and Myles Anderson take a swing at whether or not we need more golf courses.

Big families are superior to small families

Ali Hassan and Sophie Buddle offspring into action when they question if more family members mean more fun or more problems!

Every city or town needs more golf courses

Paul Myrehaug and Myles Anderson are The Masters of comedy in their debate on increasing the number of golf courses.

May 27, 2022: Unfriendly Manitoba & Boredom

Bruce Clark and Matt Falk deliver Friendly Giant laughs when they discuss Manitoba’s friendliness. Then, David Pryde and Martha Chaves try to hum-drum up support in their debate on boredom.

Manitobans are not really that friendly

Is Manitoba worthy of its license plate slogan: “Friendly Manitoba”? Bruce Clark and Matt Falk put on the charm when they question if their province is truly as friendly as it claims to be!

Boredom is actually good for you

David Pryde and Martha Chaves are anything but dull in their debate on the merits of boredom.

May 20, 2022: Bucket Lists & NHL Players Most Attractive

Deborah Kimmett and Simon Rakoff are seizing the day when they discuss bucket lists. Then, Hunter Collins and Kyle Brownrigg deliver a beauty of a performance on the attractiveness of NHL players.

Bucket lists are overrated

Deborah Kimmett and Simon Rakoff sky-dive into their debate which questions the benefits of making a list of things to do before you "kick the bucket".

NHL players are the world's most attractive professional athletes

Hunter Collins and Kyle Brownrigg six-pack a punch on whether or not NHL players have the best looks in the game!

May 13, 2022: Smarties vs. M&M's & Fate

Are Smarties superior to M&Ms? Ron Sparks thinks he's got this debate in the bag... until Elvira Kurt thinks inside the box. Then: Is fate real? Jon Steinberg and Ali Hassan have a debate with destiny.