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What was that podcast I heard on The Current?

All summer long, The Current is bringing you the best of CBC podcasts. Here's what we're playing on air, and where to find episodes online.

All summer long, The Current is bringing you the best of CBC podcasts

All summer long, The Current will be airing critically-acclaimed CBC Podcasts. (Ben Shannon/CBC; Alexis Eke )

Podcasting has become a behemoth alongside other legacy media. If you haven't found a gateway in yet, consider this summer's programming on The Current your stepping stone.

For the next few weeks, we'll be running six of the most critically-acclaimed CBC podcasts in the second half of the show as serialized episodes.

If you find yourself wanting to jump back or skip ahead, you can find links to each podcast below. And if you want to take a deeper dive into the world of podcasting, but you're not sure how, start here.

Uncover: Satanic Panic (Season 6)

Host Lisa Bryn Rundle explores the allegations and trials over so-called satantic panic when it reached a small, Saskatchewan town. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

In the sixth season of Uncover, host Lisa Bryn Rundle unravels the history of a moral hysteria that took root across North America.

Throughout the 1980s, satanic cults were widely believed to be preying on children — torturing and terrorizing them as part of dark rituals. Across Canada and the U.S., there were hundreds of false allegations, scores of unjust criminal trials and countless lives torn apart. But never any real proof.

By the early '90s, the panic reached the tiny Prairie town of Martensville, Sask., and nearly 30 years later, the people touched by it all are still picking up the pieces.

So what happened? And why do so many still believe to this day?

  • Listen to Uncover: Satanic Panic here.
  • Read more about the podcast here

Uncover: Sharmini (Season 5)

Veteran journalist Michelle Shephard examines the cold case of Sharmini Anandavel in Uncover: Sharmini. (CBC/Ben Shannon)

In Uncover's fifth season, host Michelle Shephard revisits the unsolved homicide of a Toronto teen, two decades after she first covered the case as a cub crime reporter at the Toronto Star.

Fifteen-year-old Sharmini Anandavel was just weeks away from graduating junior high when she last left her family's North York apartment building in June 1999, telling her parents she was headed to a new job.

Four months later, her skeletal remains were found in a shallow grave in a wooded ravine, right next to the Don River.

No one has been charged in the 20 years following her death.

  • Listen to Uncover: Sharmini here.
  • Read more about the podcast here.

Unlocking Bryson's Brain

Unlocking Bryson's Brain, a medical mystery podcast, is hosted by Keith McArthur whose son has a mysterious medical condition. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Bryson is a beautiful, happy and loving boy, but a mysterious illness means he can't walk, talk, or feed himself.

After years without a diagnosis, even Bryson's parents have come to accept that he may never be able to live independently.

Then one day, everything changes. Scientists working at the cutting edge of genetics believe they know what's causing Bryson's disease — and think it could be reversed. Motivated by the hope for a cure, Bryson's parents search for the miracle key that could unlock Bryson's brain.

Join Bryson's dad, host Keith McArthur, on their family's journey to understanding their son's rare condition.

  • Listen to Unlocking Bryson's Brain here.
  • Read more about the podcast here.

Someone Knows Something: Donald Izzett Jr. (Season 6)

Someone Knows Something Season 6: Donald Izzett Jr., is hosted by David Ridgen. (Ben Shannon & Farhang Ghajar/CBC)

Debra Skelley has been searching for her son Donald Izzett Jr. for 25 years.

The last time she spoke with Donnie, as she called him, was Mother's Day, 1995. He had called from a road trip, but sounded upset, saying he needed money. Then the phone went dead. Donnie's friend told police that he dropped him off in New Orleans. But Debra thinks he was murdered — and decides to investigate the case herself.

Someone Knows Something has consistently been the CBC's top performing podcast with nearly 9 million downloads since the beginning of 2020. It has won scores of awards and is regularly featured on top true crime podcast lists.

  • Listen to Someone Knows Something here.
  • Read more about the podcast here.

Uncover: Dead Wrong (Season 7)

Uncover: Dead Wrong is the seventh season in the award-winning Uncover series and examines the wrongful conviction of Glen Assoun, and the unsolved murder of Brenda Way. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

In its latest season, Uncover seeks accountability within Canada's most powerful institutions, shining a light on a botched police investigation, missing evidence, and a wrongful conviction in a city plagued with more than a hundred unsolved missing and murdered cases. 

The podcast is hosted by Tim Bousquet, an investigative reporter who has been covering the wrongful conviction of Glen Assoun locally for more than 5 years.

Uncover: Dead Wrong takes us through the twisting, almost unbelievable story of Assoun, who spent more than 17 years in prison for the murder of Brenda Way, a crime he did not commit. 

How did institutions fail him — and who really killed Brenda?

  • Listen to Uncover: Dead Wrong here.
  • Read more about the podcast here.

This is Not a Drake Podcast

Hosted by Ty Harper, This Is Not a Drake Podcast dives into the culture that created one of Canada's most well-known musical exports, Drake. (Alexis Eke)

This is Not a Drake Podcast explores seminal moments in Drake's career to explore the history and evolution of hip-hop, R&B and Black culture. 

The podcast is about how hip-hop — and its journey to mainstream dominance — gave us Drake in the first place. It's about the artist that turned heads with his So Far Gone mixtape, and the mixtape revolution that made So Far Gone possible.

It unpacks rap and R&B's long, complicated history, and how we got to this moment where the line between the two genres are so blurred. It dives into the evolution of gender dynamics in hip-hop, especially in its relationship with Black women.

This is a series about the rapper the world sees as the face of Toronto; but it's really about the city's hip-hop scene most people don't know about — the one that made Drake.

  • Listen to This is Not a Drake Podcast here.