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Here are some of the segments we have in store for you in the coming days. Please note that stories scheduled may change at any time....

Here are some of the segments we have in store for you in the coming days.

Please note that stories scheduled may change at any time.

Tuesday, February 10th

Economists are forecasting a bumpy road ahead for the Canadian economy. The plunge in oil prices and the slumping dollar is leading to slower growth projections and is affecting overall prosperity.

Wednesday, February 11th

Bill Browder understood how to make money in the capitalist Wild West that is Vladimir Putin's Russia. His hedge fun earned hundreds of millions of dollars. He also understood that in the new Russia, corruption and brutality was how some friends of the Kremlin did business. But even he couldn't have imagined the fate that would befall one of his closest associates. After Bill Browder became a crusader against Russian corruption, his lawyer was arrested and beaten to death before facing a trial. Anna Maria Tremonti speaks with Bill Browder about going toe-to-toe with some of Russia's most powerful men, and his book: "Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, And One Man's Fight for Justice."

Thursday, February 12th

What makes a man? It's a question Thomas Page McBee has been grappling with for years. He was born female, but always saw himself as a boy... the word "man" always made him uncomfortable, no doubt because of the two central most men in McBee's life. His father abused him for years as a child. And a shadowy hooded man held him at gunpoint in a robbery that nearly left him dead. If this was manhood, then Thomas Page McBee didn't want it. At a time when many transgender stories are reduced to a simple narrative of, "I was born in the wrong body, but I'm the right one now," McBee joins us on The Current to talk about the tangled road he travelled to becoming himself. His acclaimed new memoir is called, "Man Alive."

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