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ENCORE | How a surrogate twin pregnancy turned into a custody battle over unrelated babies

"I didn't know that identical twins can come out not looking identical." A California surrogate mom carrying twins gets quite the surprise when she finds out after birth that one of the babies is biologically her own.

How a surrogate twin pregnancy turned into a custody battle over unrelated babies

Surrogate mother Jessica Allen gave birth to twins but never expected one of the babies was biologically hers. Now she and her husband are fighting for their child.
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Fighting ISIS: Why Canadians join Kurdish forces in Syria

"It's a way to get involved in some kind of legal war."

'We could all be dying': Grassy Narrows, Ont., youth suffer mercury poisoning consequences

The mercury-contaminated waters still have deadly consequences today — even for teens who weren't born when it happened half a century ago.
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'Ben has defined who I am': Teen and autistic twin head to different schools for first time

For the first time in 10 years, twin siblings Amy and Ben Goodes aren't going to the same school. Not atypical, but what raises the stakes is Ben has autism.

'We have to keep looking': Family believes missing U.S. student abducted by North Korea

A Mormon family is still searching for answers about their son who went missing in China 13 years ago.

Cue the rage over queues: Documentary explores social science of lining up

Director Josh Freed’s new documentary looks at the history and tensions around the queue, or the lineup.
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'Kids are going to school because of football': How a Canadian gave Kenyan youth a future

Canadian civil servant Bob Munro had an idea that has changed everything — a soccer program run by youth in the slums of Nairobi.
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'Don't rely on promises': How arrangements with known sperm donors can unravel

Three sperm donors all set out with the same intention: Donate sperm, don't get involved. But the laws are murky when it comes to donors' rights and each of the three donors is facing a different dilemma. Are they parents or purely donors?
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How two friends fought to be legal 'co-mommas' to a 7-year-old boy — and won

Two moms have forced Canada to re-examine the definition of family and who can be parents. Natasha and Lynda are colleagues, platonic friends, neighbours and legal parents to the same little boy. This is the story of Elaan and his two "mommas."
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New life, new business: Syrian refugees bring taste of home to Canada

This is the story of a new life, in a new country with a successful new business. It starts in the kitchen where three Syrian refugees created a catering company to bring the taste of home to Canada.
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Ottawa family sues fertility doctor for use of wrong sperm — his own

Somewhere in the back of his mind Dan Dixon always thought his daughter didn't look much like him. Now the Dixon family has filed a lawsuit alleging the doctor who treated them during fertility treatments used the wrong sperm — his own.
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'Hillary man or Trump man?' Maybe neither: Virginians on U.S. election

Follow The Current's Anna Maria on the road to Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains as she meets voters and asks them which U.S. presidential candidate should occupy the White House.

Decades after Lebanon's civil war, thousands still missing

In 1984, 20-year-old Emad Abdullah left his Beirut home to see friends and disappeared. It was the height of Lebanon's civil war and Syria was known to be jailing Lebanese. Now many families are hoping those who disappeared might now come home.

Failed resettlement vote divides N.L.'s Little Bay Islands residents

Perry and Larry share a lot. They both have spent their lives on Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland. Both share a last name: Locke. But the neighbours do not share the same opinion on what should happen to their tiny, struggling community and now tension divides the town.