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'Poop pills' cured Canadian woman of C. difficile

Growing research suggests using fecal matter might be the solution to combating bad bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

'We need to let social media run amok,' says scholar Chris Kutarna

While scholar Chris Kutarna acknowledges the dangers in the huge power of social media, he also sees benefits to the truths about our society that social media is exposing.
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As ice thins underfoot, technology is combining with traditional Inuit knowledge to save lives

SmartICE is a company that puts sensors in sea ice to stop people falling through, and they're teaming up with Inuit communities to make it even more effective.

Doctors frustrated with lack of clarity for medically assisted dying practices in Canada

“When someone is given the permission to go ahead and have an assisted death ... it’s very clear to me that their life is no longer about dying," says Dr. Stephanie Green.

Will Pegg will die an assisted death. He couldn't feel more alive

Will Pegg's body is slowly falling apart, riddled with metastatic bone cancer. He knows he doesn't want to die this way. So he's chosen to go on his own terms, with a medically assisted death.
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Meet the author on a mission to rescue 'lost' words

"It's always a bit of a tragedy when a word falls out of use."
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Expect more massive wildfires ahead for Canada, warns environment author

"There's one estimate that we are going to have 50 per cent more lightning in the boreal forest of Canada by mid-century than we do now."

Ex-soldiers build on veteran skills to create successful construction company

Meet Matt Austin, a man who turned to construction to build a future for himself and other returning soldiers who couldn't find work.

Why homes along Arctic coastline are at risk of falling into the ocean

"All it would take is one or two big storms and these houses you see behind me would be gravely at risk."

How one Pacific island nation is battling rising sea levels

"I've always rejected the notion that we should be refugees. And the reason I say that is because we know it's going to happen."

How scientists are bringing extinct animals back to life

Human activity is believed to be causing the planet's "Sixth Great Extinction." So should we help the planet adapt by bringing extinct species back to life?

Canadian government gets 'failing grade' in climate change planning, says environment commissioner

“We continue to not hit our targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
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Bill Nye says climate change deniers need to 'respect facts'

"When you respect facts, when you acknowledge what's really happening around you, you're quicker to adapt, quicker to make changes."
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Why Microsoft is challenging Donald Trump in court: CEO Satya Nadella

"We fundamentally believe that Dreamers are part of our society and participate in our economy in a very productive way."
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'This is not going to end well': Author Barbara Kingsolver on climate change

"Because climate change is really, really terrible, let's face it. This is not going to end well."