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What is The Fix?

The Fix brings you the stories of people working to find answers — from problems big and small to solutions that worked, and ones that didn't.

Why this entrepreneur believes 'regenerative ocean farming' could change how we eat

On our latest installment of The Fix, we hear from Newfoundland-born Bren Smith. He's growing something special on his regenerative ocean farm, and the process is a promising solution to some of the biggest problems out there today.

Former Democratic primary candidate Andrew Yang on universal basic income

Former U.S. Democratic primary candidate Andrew Yang made universal basic income the centre of his platform. He joins us to explain why the pandemic is the time to finally make it happen.

Experimenting with your work day shouldn't end with pandemic, says psychologist

What does COVID-19 mean for the future of work? As part of our series The Fix, organizational psychologist Adam Grant discusses what we can learn from the pandemic.

What does the pandemic mean for the future of public space?

As part of our series The Fix, we look at the future of public space. What are the weaknesses exposed by the pandemic, and what creative solutions could make for even greater cities when all this is over.

Calgary book club wants to bridge political divide by asking: How Can You Think That?

A Calgary book club brings together people of different political stripes, for discussions aimed at bridging the divide. Founder Julie Sedivy tells us how it works, and why she thinks it's more important than ever to disagree face-to-face.

How short bursts of high-intensity exercise could help your mind as well as your body

Too busy to find time to exercise? What about just 10 minutes? In our series The Fix, we look at research that suggests a short, high-intensity burst of exercise can get you in shape — and could perhaps help to ward off dementia.

As coronavirus spread speeds up, Montreal researchers will trial an anti-viral treatment for COVID-19 in China

The broad spectrum anti-viral medicine known as quercetin has already proven successful at treating Ebola and Zika viruses. Dr. Michal Chrétien says results about its effectiveness on COVID-19 could come within 60 days of a clinical trial starting.

Do open-concept offices make you want to hide under your desk?

Open-concept offices: do you like them? Or do they make you want to hide in the stationery cupboard? Two experts give us tips on how to make the space work for you, in the latest in our problem-solving series, The Fix.

Why rethinking parking could be the key to improving our cities

You might think of parking as boring, but the father of parking policy, Donald Shoup, promises it isn’t. He’s here to open your eyes to how "fixing" parking can help save cities.

Fighting the scourge of plastics in our oceans | The Fix

Our new series The Fix looks at people solving the problems in our world today, starting with the harmful plastic in our oceans. We talk to Newfoundland diver Shawn Bath, who has pulled 20,000 lbs of trash from the sea, and ask ecology expert Chelsea Rochman what more can be done.