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Climate change ranked as second most important election issue

Pollsters, pundits and the politicians all seem to agree that this federal election is about the economy. But the issue Canadians rank as their number two concern is the environment. There's not much talk about climate change in the election so far, we gather candidates to share their platforms.
The issue Canadians rank as their number two concern is climate change but there has not been much attention in this campaign on the environment, despite being easier for policy makers to influence than the economy. (Nicola Jones, Flickr cc)
I think the choice is very clear. The economy is the Number One issue.-  Conservative leader, Stephen Harper, speaking with CBC Radios The House earlier this month

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that the economy is the number one issue in this election, he's echoed by the other party leaders, by pundits and, according to most voters too.

There's been an awful lot of talk about the economy on the campaign trail this season. And not much talk about what voters consider their number two priority...the environment, and climate change.

We are trying to change that today, with our panel of candidates from all the major parties. 

Add your thoughts to this discussion. How important is the environment and climate change for you in this election?

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This segment was produced by The Current's Idella Sturino and Karin Marley.