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4 bloggers killed in Bangladesh in 2015, Parvez Alam fears he's next

The killings have been horrendous, igniting fright but not silence. We speak with a Bangledeshi blogger about why he hasn't put his pen down, despite being on a hit list. And we look at how these right wing groups are gaining political power and pushing the country into a dangerous place.
Clockwise: August 6 - Niloy Chatterjee, blogger, hacked to death at his home in Dhaka, March 30 - Washiqur Rahman Babu, blogger, hacked to death by three men in Dhaka, February 26 - Avijit Roy, a prominent Bangladeshi-American blogger, hacked to death while walking with his wife outside Dhaka University, May 12 - Ananta Bijoy Das, blogger for Mukto-Mona website, killed while on his way to work in the city of Sylhet.

With four secularist bloggers murdered so far this year, Parvez Alam says Bangladesh is at a dangerous crossroads.

Since 2013, I try to live a life without a daily schedule ... When I'm outside, I have to be very cautious, I have to look back to my shoulder if anyone is following me or not. It becomes hard to trust the people you see in the street.- Parvez Alam, on how life has changed since Banladesh writers have been targeted

Parvez Alam doesn't leave his home alone these days. 

He's a writer and blogger in Bangladesh. And he's loosely affiliated with a group of writers pushing a secularist critique of their country. 

But so far this year, four similarly minded writers -- all people Parvez Alam knew -- have been murdered. 

All of them were hacked to death with machetes and meat cleavers, either in public or in their homes. 

Hardline Islamist groups -- some said to be affiliated with Al Qaeda -- are suspected of being responsible for the attacks. 

Two years ago, a list of names was made public -- They're said to be the names of these groups' future targets. 
And Parvez Alam's name was on it. 

Parvez Alam joined us from Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Shilpi, a cousin of late Bangladeshi blogger Washiqur Rahman Babu, outside a morgue at the Dhaka Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (AP/ A.M. Ahad)

In total 5 bloggers have been targetted and killed:

Rajib Haider

Avijit Roy

Washiqur Rahman Babu

Ananta Bijoy Das

Niloy Chatterjee

This segment was produced by The Current's Gord Westmacott.